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Many years ago Xavier's school for gifted mutants was attacked. It was left in ruin. Teachers and students abandoned it with no hope of returning to it for sanctuary...

Years later a professor named Jason Andrews returned life to the school's halls and rebuilt its walls. Students have once again come to learn at the school in safety.

Many other mutants aren't quite so lucky. Some still remain hidden in the shadows and some within factions like the brotherhood are left leaderless.
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Loika Faelith

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 waking from a midsummer night's dream (pg-13)

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Kelly Andre Sharp

Hellfire Club

PostSubject: waking from a midsummer night's dream (pg-13)   Mon Sep 09, 2013 3:32 pm

The last time they were here, it was pouring rain in the middle of the night.
Today was exactly the opposite. As summer's choking heatwave was finally over, sunny cloudless days accompanied by an ocean-cooled breeze made it perfect for getting outside while the getting was still good. In a matter of weeks, there would be snow..
Definately not looking forward to that again, one Kelly Sharp decided to go against his better judgement and ignore all feelings of worry, warranted or no. He woke up in the morning, and got everything together for the day. As soon as Eve was awake and dressed, he whisked her away from home, much to her bafflement.

For a few months now, Eve had been getting used to many new things. Firstly being her very round, pronounced middle. She was so close to the due date they had guessed by, now an obeservant person only had to watch as Adam kicked and Eve's belly moved in a way much reminding of the scene from Aliens.. shortly before said alien bursts out of a man's chest.
The other thing Eve had gotten used to was his unpredictable abscence. Sometimes in the middle of the night, Eve would wake up to find herself alone at home, even a few days on occation. Never explaining to her why he left, Kas would always come back; though his mood was usually quite somber for a few hours. Then he would pull himself together, and go back to the fun, caring person Evelyn knew.

"Baby baby! Maybe you two should lay off the ice cream, huh?"
As he and Eve reached the notorious fence they had to cross, Kas didn't pull any crazy stunts this time, lifting Eve in both arms and gently setting her on the other side, not sparing a little teasing for the additional forty pounds or so.
It was a small walk downhill to the sandbar, though no boat was there this time. Just a clear, open view of the iconic Ellis Island shoreline across the water. Lady Liberty stood out against the sky proudly holding her torch aloft as if it were the light of the sun itself.

Kas bent to pick up a bag, then hopped over the waist-high fence to catch up with Eve, taking her hand and going toward the water's edge.

"Today I planned to show you how to properly throw a grenade. This might be educational for Adam too, since we already know he hears."
With a mischevious gleam in his eyes, he set the suspicious bag down and pulled the zipper open.
He took Eve's hand and set something weighty and round in it..
something that was also cold and a little damp...

"Whoops.. that's not what I thought it was!"
Unless oranges explode, or grenades were now being made to look more friendly. A moment later a blanket was spread out on the sand and Kas was holding another 'weapon' in the form of another ripe orange.

"Have a seat, sexy."
Pinching Eve on the rear teasingly, he beckoned her closer to sit next to him. Her current state only made her more attractive in many ways.
Eve was giving so much of herself to the baby. It was uncomfortable, and downright painful for her at times, especially where walking was concerned. Not to mention her pyro abilities going haywire.
Despite that, every time Kas looked at her big 'fat' belly, the powerful thought that she was carrying his baby was there. She was doing the most feminine thing a woman could ever do.. and he couldn't think of anything more beautiful in the world.

"You and I have some things to talk about." Kas declared in a way that suggested Evelyn was about to get grounded.

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Evelyn Fireheart


PostSubject: Re: waking from a midsummer night's dream (pg-13)   Sun Sep 15, 2013 9:11 am

Evelyn was tired.Mentally and physically.She was close to giving birth to Adam,yet Kas's disappearances made her nervous.She never asked him where he went,instead she stayed silent and learned to live with it.Wake up in the middle of the night to see that he was away.But she didn't quite mind it.She understood that because of her Kas's life had turned upside down.They went from acquaintances,to friends,to lovers,and now,they were forming a family.It was shocking how quickly everything was happening.But Evelyn wasn't worried.
What bothered her was what would happen after Adam's birth.Would he still disappear in the middle of the night?Would she have to tell her kid that his father was away?What was going to happen after?

Kas had appeared again the other day,to find a very tired and hungry Eve,sitting on her small couch,snuggling with one of the teddies she had bought for her soon-to-be newborn,and watching TV.Her belly was now visible,obviously,and quite big as well.Kas had been absent for quite a long time,making Eve feel as vulnerable as the kid inside her.She was only eighteen,for God's sake!
Though when she saw him,everything went away.The pain,the tiredness.He was there for her again,but she didn't know how long that would last.She was afraid that he would leave her and the child,but at the same time he showed no sign of it.Which was confusing.She still had not understood whether he wanted to the kid,or not,but he had promised to be there for them.The question was:For how long?

This time,Kas had decided to take her out.He had a surprise for her,from what it seemed.At first,Evelyn was being all whiny and acting like a baby,telling him that she didn't want to come,but Kas wasn't fooled.He dressed her up and kinda dragged her along,towards his surprise.Though when they arrived,Eve was completely and utterly dumbfounded.This place was actually quite familiar,but not what she was expecting.Kas and Evelyn had come here a long time ago,to have her first gun lesson.It was quite interesting the first time,but now it was different.Why would he bring her here?
When Kas lifted her and placed her on the other side of the fence,Evelyn was even more confused.What was his plan?A second gun lesson?"What are we doing here..?"

Her question went unanswered,until Kas jumped over the fence and led her towards the end of the water.Eve,curiously,looked towards the sea,expecting to see the same boat they had used the last time,but no.There was no speedboat there this time.It was just the two of them.
"Today I planned to show you how to properly throw a grenade. This might be educational for Adam too, since we already know he hears."

Eve raised an eyebrow and groaned as she felt Adam kick at the mention of his name.That little one was too clever,it seemed.She still didn't know how she would have to have everything under control when there would be two smartass men in the house.But she had faith.
"Oh,he sure as hell hears!The thing is,I am the one getting kicked whenever he hears your voice.He just loves you that much,it seems.But throwing a grenade while I am like this?Are you out of your mind?"
Eve smiled and shook her head,rolling her eyes.Soon,something was placed in her hand and she raised an eyebrow at Kas questioningly."And this is the new friendly version of a grenade,right?"

"Whoops.. that's not what I thought it was!"

Eve shook her head again,laughing,and finally understanding his little plan.So all of this was a picnic he had been arranging,huh?That little sneaky boy..
She watched him as he took a green apple out for himself and spread a blanket out for them.
"Have a seat, sexy."
Before Eve had the time to sit,Kas pinched her butt,making her yelp and give him a funny look.After a few minutes,she finally sat down next to him and smiled,peeling off the peel of the orange.Her stomach was grumbling again.
"You and I have some things to talk about."
Eve stopped eating her orange and looked at Kas,swallowing.What did they have to talk about?Had she done anything?
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Kelly Andre Sharp

Hellfire Club

PostSubject: Re: waking from a midsummer night's dream (pg-13)   Sun Sep 15, 2013 5:02 pm

Working on her nerves seemed like a favorite past-time of his, constantly making their time together a rollercoaster ride of not knowing what would happen next. Granted, the things they did now were much safer. Trading in gussied up nights on the town for evenings of movie-watching on the sofa in their pj's. Nothing horrible had tried to seperate them for a few months now, and they were finally settled in, and looked like any other young couple.

At least, that's how things appeared on the outside. Eve never asked, and thus Kas never told what it was he left for, staying out all night. There weren't any signs of other women. No perfume or makeup where it shouldn't be, no mysterious phone calls he didn't want to take with her presentin the room. In fact, people had stopped calling him altogether after the 4th of July, having written him off as a mentalcase. They didn't know how correct they could be.

Kas looked out over the water and brought his tone back to seriousness.
"Eve.. love. Let's run away together.. All three of us. Let's go somewhere remote, like a small midwestern town, with good schools and no crime."

With that bombshell dropped, he started tearing the peel from his own 'grenade' and looked to Evelyn, reading her reaction.
Yes, they already had a house. An expensive one at that; but material things weren't high on his list of importance.
The most important things in his life were sitting here next to him.. and he was going to do whatever it took to keep them close.

"As long as we are here, I feel like there is something bad waiting around the corner. I've tried to make this city safer. For you, for Adam. For other people like us, who just want to stop being persecuted for what we are."

Nights spent mostly in downtown or the X District were becoming less and less productive; likewise, more and more dangerous. Even with capable help, people were still dying around him, and there wasn't a damn thing he could do to stop it. The government, the MRD, and FoH were slowly but steadily winning. He couldn't fight them all.. but it didn't feel right to stand on the sidelines, either. Not that any of them would let that happen. Despite the fact he usually fought his battles in a state he had come to jokingly call 'Gone With the Wind', the Mutant Extermination Squad, the elite of MRD, had found a specific sonic wavelength that could force him to materialize; and usually at a very bad time. They now knew his face, and they would be looking for him.
A guilty conscience wouldn't let him back out of the fight and leave less powerful mutants to try holding thier own.. but if he didn't stop soon, one of these nights might be the one he never came back from.

"I want to live a normal life.. with you, and him. I want to stay with you until we are old and have lots of grandchildren to spoil. My life is yours, until the very end."
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Evelyn Fireheart


PostSubject: Re: waking from a midsummer night's dream (pg-13)   Mon Sep 16, 2013 3:41 pm

Evelyn didn't know what would be coming.Kas had never been that serious in his life.At least,not as long as she knew him.But today,he seemed tense and anxious about something.She could feel that something was bothering him,and for a slight second,she was afraid that this would be the time where he would leave her.Where he would tell her that he felt pressured,and that he had found someone else.She thought that he would tell her that she and and the child meant nothing to him,and that he would go,leaving her behind.
She would probably cry herself to sleep,and fall in depression.When the child would be born,she would have to find a good enough excuse.She was sure Adam would ask her about his dad,and whether he would ever meet him,but Eve would have no answer.And she would always be afraid of the moment she might stumble upon Kelly again.What would she say when the kid realised that he looked the same with that strange man?

Though the doubts went away just as soon as Kas talked.His words echoed in her head,and the orange dropped from her hands.She was shocked.In a good way,but shocked.Kas had no intention of leaving.At least,not by himself.
He was asking her to follow him to somewhere less crowded.Less known.And less dangerous.Somewhere where they could live their life safe and happily,as a family.Just the three of them.He was asking her to be his."Are you...asking me to..move away with you?As what?"

Eve wanted to say yes.So badly.But if they went to live in a small town or village,people would start to talk.They would soon learn that they weren't married,and their child would be called 'the little bastard'.Eve knew damn well Kelly wasn't ready for a wedding,and she doubted he would ever be.She didn't even know whether she was ready/But she could never tolerate with people taking out their hatred on an innocent child.A child that had no choice.She would never allow people to hurt her child,either mentally,or physically.
Though she could understand just fine his concern.This city had become a death trap,and her powers were away.Kas was afraid that something would happen to them,and that he won't be able to protect them.He couldn't live with the guilt.
"I understand...But..where are we going to go?What are we going to do?"

He was being reasonable with her,and he was trying to make her understand that this was all about their safety.She understood,but they had a home here and they had just started acting normal once again.How were they going to move out and where would they go?
"Grandchildren?I haven't even given birth yet,and you're thinking about grandchildren?"
Eve leaned in and gave him a soft kiss,caressing his cheek with the back of her palm.Once she pulled back,she grabbed her orange again and ate some."Would you...would you ever consider having another child?"
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Kelly Andre Sharp

Hellfire Club

PostSubject: Re: waking from a midsummer night's dream (pg-13)   Tue Sep 24, 2013 5:23 pm

At first, Eve's answer was an uneasy silence while he tore off a few sections of the orange and threw the peels to the seagulls. He knew what she was insuinuating, asking 'as what'?
Loika and Peter recently decided to make thier union official. It was only natural Eve was thinking about the same thing. Though what would it signify at this point? His guilt over getting her pregnant? He already accepted her, and the child. Even if there had been a chance the boy was fathered by one of the two men that took Evelyn by force, he would raise it as his own.

"Let's see how we do with one first?" Chuckling as he pushed back those regrets and fears of the unknown, Kas habitually wiped his hands on his pants before reaching out to rest one on the rounded rise of her middle. There was little to no doubt in his mind about it now. This was his family. The people that loved and accepted him, unconditionally. He would do anything to keep them safe- and make anyone who hurt them feel pain unlike any other.

"As soon as he learns the words 'no' and 'mine', he'll be running the whole house."
Grinning at Eve, he leaned closer to give her a quick peck on the cheek.
"But you do look gorgeous this way. I wouldn't mind having a few more. Who knows, maybe one will turn out to be like me." Kas had entertained the thought. In part, it was daunting. A mini-version of himself could be a lot to contend with.
"After the little guy is out in the wide open world, mommy's best friend should invite him over to spend the night with Mackenzie, so we can have some time to ourselves."

Kas knew that Loika would probably be more than happy to babysit Adam, though he wasn't about to ask, still feeling the sting of her chosen mate's words every time he thought about dialing the fellow laboratory rat's number. Loika had a right to choose her family first, and he was going to respect that; but that didn't mean he had to like Peter, or even be civil the next time they met face-to-face.. if ever there was an unfortunate reason to. He hadn't even bothered to check on Katt in quite a while.

Millimeter Peter could have went along with the plan and tried to act the part of an adult just for a few hours, and let the party run smoothly. He could have been there to perform his part, and sent Jonas somewhere nice, like the middle of the Sahara, the Australian outback, or the North Pole.. but no. Instead he'd launched some choice insults, pulled Loika away from the party, and left Kelly to take matters into his own hands; which only made it all look worse on Kas. He didn't kill his cousin, but the loser probably wished he was dead now.

"It would be nice to let her really have some time with Adam at least once, before we have to leave... I don't want to do her wrong like that."
The Faelith-Jackson family was on its own for protection; as would be the rest of mutant-kind. He was born into this war.. but that didn't mean he had to give his entire life to it. The realization he had a choice to leave it behind took time- time Kas realized was slipping away before his eyes. There was no more time to waste.

"After that, would you like to get out of New York City?"
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Evelyn Fireheart


PostSubject: Re: waking from a midsummer night's dream (pg-13)   Thu Sep 26, 2013 3:26 pm

Eve's question went unanswered,but she didn't push Kas for an answer.She knew he was probably not comfortable about it,and she respected that.But when your best friend is getting married,it's natural for you to get that little sting of jealousy.A pregnant girl,in love,could dream of things that might never come true.

She had missed her best friend and her little girl.She didn't get along with Peter,but she tried to do so just for Loika.Though if Peter decided that he had no intentions of trying,she wouldn't either,and she didn't care whether Loika liked it,or not.She had missed Mackenzie as well,and couldn't wait to see that little beauty once again.She believed that once her little man was out and all grown,Mackenzie will be having some serious flirting going on.But if they left New York,she didn't know what would happen.She didn't know what she would be doing there.

When he placed one hand on her belly,she placed her hand over his and smiled,looking into his blue eyes.The eyes that every time they met hers,the whole world disappeared,and left just the two of them behind.
His next statement made her raise an eyebrow and frown a little.She sometimes just didn't understand him.What did he mean by 'maybe one will turn out to be like me'?The baby was his,of course it would take after him!"He will run the world in a matter of hours,I am telling you.Especially if he takes after you.Which I am sure he will since you are his father.."
Evelyn didn't want to make him feel bad,but he just had to understand that she wasn't lying.The baby was his.

The idea of letting Loika babysit Adam,as soon as he was out of her,was a good one though.That would give Loika the chance to meet the little boy,before they disappeared.She hated to think of it,but now,she wasn't alone.Loika was now married,and Eve didn't have to worry about leaving her behind alone and unprotected.She now had a family,and Eve was no part of it.
But Loika had the right to meet Adam,and Eve was not the one to say no to that.
"Mmmm..have anything in mind,my love?"
Anything planned by Kas was usually fun,but she didn't know what to expect of him anymore.

Evelyn was thinking about it again and again,and his proposal seemed more and more logical.They had been through a lot in their life,and they didn't have to go through any more deadly things to prove to each other that they are in love.New York has become the city of blood,and murder,and mutants were now in danger.Kas couldn't always save the day,and she knew he would never forgive himself if anything happened to her or the baby.
"When do we leave?"
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PostSubject: Re: waking from a midsummer night's dream (pg-13)   

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waking from a midsummer night's dream (pg-13)
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