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World of Mutants

Mutants are not the ones mankind should fear. - Dr. Jean Gray
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Current plot
Many years ago Xavier's school for gifted mutants was attacked. It was left in ruin. Teachers and students abandoned it with no hope of returning to it for sanctuary...

Years later a professor named Jason Andrews returned life to the school's halls and rebuilt its walls. Students have once again come to learn at the school in safety.

Many other mutants aren't quite so lucky. Some still remain hidden in the shadows and some within factions like the brotherhood are left leaderless.
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Language 2: Swearing is generally permitted. However, the language cannot be used to severely abuse.
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Violence 2: Graphic violence is permitted. Explicit description or in-game narration violence is allowed.

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Vigour Mortis Zombie10
In the not too distant future life has changed.. beyon' recognition. Humanity... well we're on the brink like, it's nearly the end and I'll be damned if I am goin' out without a fight!
These damn biters... they've spread... some people call them walkers, some call them zombie, nibblers, shamblers, lamb-brains. Be damned if I know what they really are, all I know is they were us, us humans... we're all infected, we die unless someone puts our brains all over the floor we'll be like 'em.... it's the end, we're hangin' in. We got ourselves an abandoned fort, fort Steward... guess it was once in the state of Georgia... This ... it ain't the US no more, we're not 'mericans, french... english... welsh, irish... none o' that matters any more, it's all whether you live or ya' die. I meant to live... what 'bout you?
Can ya' drag your weight, if you can you might'n join us, we can help... We dot the only thing... we survive.

Vigour Mortis is a new roleplay forum loosely based off of the walking dead, set ten years after the story of the walking dead and the fall of the prison at the hands of the governor we find our band of desperate survivors, some from the prison and some new, fresh faces. Herds of zombies threaten their very way of life, they don't know if any other groups are out there... every day they struggle to survive under the governance of the council, think you got what it takes?

We've decided to keep this whole affair very simple, want to sign up and start? Read these rules; and fill out a form in this section;
We got a few good examples for you to look at too, hope to see you in hell soon.

Many thanks for reading,
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Vigour Mortis
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