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Mutants are not the ones mankind should fear. - Dr. Jean Gray
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Many years ago Xavier's school for gifted mutants was attacked. It was left in ruin. Teachers and students abandoned it with no hope of returning to it for sanctuary...

Years later a professor named Jason Andrews returned life to the school's halls and rebuilt its walls. Students have once again come to learn at the school in safety.

Many other mutants aren't quite so lucky. Some still remain hidden in the shadows and some within factions like the brotherhood are left leaderless.
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Loika Faelith

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 Lost In The Past- (PG-13)

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Lokith Stormborne


PostSubject: Re: Lost In The Past- (PG-13)   Thu Jan 22, 2015 11:54 am

Agent Stormborne nodded his head. He had finished the conversation and looked to her. "Unfortunately I cannot allow you to meet the forementioned people from the call in person. I may let you see them through mirrored rooms or cameras. It would be against the time paradox theories of great scientific minds to allow you to do so. Besides...there is also the theory that once time has finished resetting itself you will fade from this time and wake up in your own time. That is one hope. Yet in the lack of proof of this I am going to help you get home. It will take time and patience but you will find that it will be worth trusting in me for the moment Ms. Hawthorne." He said formally. Taking another burrito and opening it. He started to eat it as he waited for her to process these words. The tunnel closed over and the way lit up with glowing neon green and blue lights as they continued their drive through the underground secret tunnel they just entered.
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Scarlett Hawthorne


PostSubject: Re: Lost In The Past- (PG-13)   Sat Jan 24, 2015 11:02 am

Ms. Hawthorne.

The bells around Scarlett have exploded simultaneously. How did he know her name? She has never told him her name and he was surprisingly all too well acquainted with her. While he was eating his burrito Scarlett thought. Without giving another second, Scarlett reached and grabbed his gun, disabling safety and pointing at his face.

"Alright," she said coldly. "I've had plenty of your mind game. Who the hell are you and how do you know my name?" Was he a time traveler as well?
"Start talking pal or I'll blow your brains all over this car. HOW DID YOU KNOW MY NAME? did you know I was going to be the past?"

Sure her face has been publicly advertised on TV and he has probably seen her, but that did not mean he knew she was going to be traveling with a time altering freak to changer her fate on that day.
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Lokith Stormborne


PostSubject: Re: Lost In The Past- (PG-13)   Sun Jan 25, 2015 10:05 am

((ooc: honestly that was a typist error due to writing it through a fever but totally running with it XD meant to write Ms. Turner and saw your name by the post and ended up typing it. oh well fever based typist error gave one comical post resulting from it so it happens LOL sorry about that XD))

Agent Stormborne pulled out a stun gun and pressed it into her leg which was near his own. Pressing the button to send the high current electrical charge through her. Lightly at first but his gun had no bullets in it. Was more for show than anything else. He knew this woman simply due to the results of things he was told from his end on a little girl. The name was nothing but a accidental slip of the tongue.

"I guessed. The only reason its a mind game is because you were stupid enough to get stuck in the past. Your a small fish right now Ms. Hawthorne...but one day you'll be a mighty queen in the M.R.D. How I know was simple. A litte girl and her parents were picked up and taken into custody under suspicion of being terrorists due to the explosion of an 18 wheeler which they came through unharmed. Your genetic code was input along with fingerprints into the texas codis when you got arrested. Since the little girl was taken  by the military the codis for genetic identification roadwalled the policemen. So they did not connect Ms. Turner to a child scarlett hawthorne. I have been nothing but upfront and I wish to inform you the gun chamber is empty. Do you really think I'm stupid enough to leave a loaded gun where you can grab it and shoot me? Don't believe me fire it."
He challenged her coldly. Smirking at her and laughed a bit.

"However I told you that were have someone with a bit of clairavoyance inside the military personal. I hate mutants but the weapon x program was just the beginning. My people are developing weapons to destroy mutants or use them as nothing more than living computers. when your done playing with my gun you should calm down. Or we'll have to test whether killing you here makes you die in both timelines. Would be a shame but I've killed my own mother for failing to play along."
He smiled darkly and removed the device he'd used to send electrical charges through her. "As for how I knew it wasn't just a mutant trick...I took a gamble. This burrito is delicious."
He stated as he finished it off and grabbed another.
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Scarlett Hawthorne


PostSubject: Re: Lost In The Past- (PG-13)   Tue Jan 27, 2015 10:25 pm

When Stormborne pressed a stun gun into her leg and shot her with electricity, she squeezed the trigger. Only to learn it was empty. How could she be so stupid and careless. There was only a limited time of window to kill the man, but the shock from the stun gun, forced Scarlett to drop the gun and suck in the pain which was now coursing through her body.

Everything the guy was telling her made some sense, but she would never guess that the younger version of her survived. Scarlett thought she was the only copy of herself now stuck in the past, but it wasn't true. "Shoot me now, and M.R.D will never win this war againt mutants. If I am the "queen" then your kingdom will crumble along with my dead body in the past. Think about it." said Scarlett.

OOC: We need to wrap this thread up pretty soon.
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Lokith Stormborne


PostSubject: Re: Lost In The Past- (PG-13)   Thu Jan 29, 2015 2:11 pm

((OOC: AgreedI was waiting for you to decide how we send her back. Or are you with another idea? Just let me know if this idea works or if you had something else in mind ^_^

We can use the prototype time machine? State it worked but had one hellava explosive malfunction after sending her back to her time?

He is going to personally see to the raising, training and development of the hawthorne child and family. Raise her like a real princess so to speak along with her family being trained their or whatever you decide.  ^_^))

Agent Stormborne leaned in as she doubled over from pain. Hugging her to his chest. "There is always a king wherever there is a queen. I am willing to gamble that this sexy older you dies and the younger stays. However, I was really hoping to send your back to your time. Just watch you grow up and raise you like a princess." He held the woman's writhing form from the electricity with one arm. He ceased sending the currents through her as she was no longer a hostile and was disabled temporarily from the pain. The now freed hand tilted up her chin and placed a kiss upon her lips. "Let's pray this works...I'll see you again when your older. As well as throughout your entire time growing up with your parents." He said simply. Letting her go as the door opened.

He simply helped her out and into another area. "Ready to go home Ms. Turner?" He asked. The room they were led into was well lit and one hell of a labratory. A strange machine in the corner was being booted up. Assistants stating off various things. "My our kingdom Ms. Turner. We will win this war against the mutants...and we will create weapons that will assist this. You shall see that day. I refuse to believe otherwise." he said simply.
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Scarlett Hawthorne


PostSubject: Re: Lost In The Past- (PG-13)   Thu Jan 29, 2015 6:12 pm

OOC: Your prototype idea is good.

BIC: She pulld away from the kiss, but it was there and Scarlett couldn't do anything about it. He held her and she knew the time was coming close to her leaving. All this time and she couldn't have been in her time by now. She had such plans for when she got back.

Walking to the trunk of the car, she pulled it open and grabbed her gun. It was all she needed.

Scarlett walked up to the machine which did not look safe at all. But she was willing to gamble her life on it. If it didn't work, she'll most likely die and if worked she'd get back to get her revenge. She stood facing the man.

"Our kingdom won't exist with mutants in it." she said simply as the doctors and scientist pushed all the weird buttons and the machine roared to life with flashing lights and loud noises. Suddenly, Scarlett felt herself disappear as small molecules until loud BANG and she was gone from the past.

Where she would end up would only be matter of time to figure out.

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PostSubject: Re: Lost In The Past- (PG-13)   

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Lost In The Past- (PG-13)
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