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Many years ago Xavier's school for gifted mutants was attacked. It was left in ruin. Teachers and students abandoned it with no hope of returning to it for sanctuary...

Years later a professor named Jason Andrews returned life to the school's halls and rebuilt its walls. Students have once again come to learn at the school in safety.

Many other mutants aren't quite so lucky. Some still remain hidden in the shadows and some within factions like the brotherhood are left leaderless.
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Loika Faelith

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 Silent Calling (pg13)

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Luca Arei Dracos


PostSubject: Silent Calling (pg13)   Wed Feb 11, 2015 3:47 pm

Who needed sunshine in the famed Times Square? Well, not those people he was looking for, of course. A towering forest of concrete harbored a glittering array of depravities and debauchery. New York City, the home of Wall Street, where the 'weak and undeserving' apparently come to be punished.  Money could buy anything in this town, it seemed; except for mercy if you were one of them.

He had spent almost three nights in an exclusive residence within the Westin presidential suite, putting up this guise of worldly wealth and power. There he would waste endless nights wandering Broadway into the early hours of the morning, often retiring to his room while turning several 'entertainers' away. Indulgence to its highest degree, demanding the best of the best, a reckless display of extravagance. All in an effort to lure out the real reasons he came to this city. 

On this particular evening, Luca sat alone at a table in the far corner of a dimly lit room, reading the subtitles on the local news program with a frown. More fanatical anti-mutant propaganda.

Dressed to the nines, he wore a pitch black Armani suit. He elegantly sipped water from a crystal glass while listening to whisperings that no one else could hear, until a hotel attendant approached him and asked if he was interested in a glass of wine. 

"Not tonight." he spoke disinterestedly, in an arrogant tenor peppered with Russian history. Nevermind he wasn't actually old enough. Children often drank at dinner with thier parents where he was from, and it wasn't as if anyone would question him.

Tonight, he would find them.

A short time later, the young man was perusing windows of name-brand stores, garnering a small amount of interest from some passers-by. Other than being attractive himself, he had a certain presence of wealth and importance. Little did anyone know it was mostly borrowed. The name he gave at the hotel was of a dead American man, one who shared the information willingly for a favor that would put his soul to rest:

Make contact with people of 'his kind' willing and capable to avenge his abduction, torture, and eventual murder at the hands of a certain mutant control agency.. and pay them handsomely for their trouble.
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Lokith Stormborne


PostSubject: Re: Silent Calling (pg13)   Fri Feb 13, 2015 3:19 pm

Lokith walked towards Times Square. WIth him were Botz/Jerry and Victor. They hadn't been meeting up with Varga more and more. Victor was a dark haired male with a stern face and a looked cold but playful. Botz had a pair of glasses on his face and had a bag that he never went anywhere without. Lokith, the blond amongst the two darker haired boys, walked into the first high class hotel he came across. Figuring it would be last place Varga would look since he had a history of going lower class establishments the entire time she had known him. Intending to get one of the more luxurious suites.

He had the money so he might as well waste it. "What you mean the Presidential suites occupied? How many people chose to pay for that?" he asked the woman at the desk. "Alright then give me one of your other suites that are on the floor below." he pulled out his wallet. Once he was handed the key and memorized the number he called out to his friends. "Botz. Victor. We got a room...let's head out onto Times Square. We need to get the stuff botz wants and I want to see if there any good blades in some of the stores." he said seriously.

Paying for the room he started to walk after them and out onto the streets. He wore a black set of pants, a half buttoned up dark blue shirt, and a leather jacket which threw the whole richy look down a level. His gaze moving around the room as he looked at the peoople here. Then left out the front door. Walking with his friends he started to undo the buttons on the shirt. Handing botz the jacket he grabbed a t-shirt out of the bag with botz's laptop.

Putting it on then took back his jacket. Slipping it on...the long leather jacket concealing many weapons. "So what are we going to do about Varga, Lokith?" Victor asked. "Nothing right now Victor. Right now we're putting her on need to know and watch status. We gotta get botz the equipment he needs." He said. Pointing to the geeky looking human with them. He looked around and noticed some cute guy off to the side. Some hot chicks of the night standing on a corner. He wanted to approach the guy but was certain he'd just say something stupid. Walking over to the window the young man was looking into. "See anything good?" He asked randomly to the male.
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PostSubject: Re: Silent Calling (pg13)   Sat Feb 14, 2015 3:20 am

Gigi ran out of puzzles to solve in the Xavier's Institute. So he wandered out through the gates during the school hours. Which left him locked out and not caring. His bare feet traveling down the path until he made it towards the city. Nobody noticed a little boy in a sweatshirt and pants, from someone at the x-men, during traffic hours when the bodies filled the sidewalks with barely room for breathing.

People were less inclined to think much of a bare foot kid on the streets. It was New York after he wandered and looked at his feet until bright lights caught his attention. He followed it. Ignoring the contrasts of bumpy concrete. Or the fact a piece of glass he stepped on went through his foot. Was pushed out and he left a few bloody footprints until it healed over. His eyes look for puzzles yet shiny things kept distracting him and he'd walk over and explore them until something else shiny caught his attention.
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Luca Arei Dracos


PostSubject: Re: Silent Calling (pg13)   Sat Feb 14, 2015 9:11 am

It was nearing evening, and most people were on their way to or from a restaurant, many with smartphones or other devices in their hands. How few of them were standing still, pausing to satisfy their sense of curiousity for the sparkling city surroundings?

Not many. Which is why it drew Luca's attention a little when a group of three were lingering in the sidewalk nearby. Were they lost?

The pale boy in black glanced their direction, though he didn't see 'people'. They were plumes of colored light, wavering and rising like smoke with no breeze to disturb it. He could read a lot of a person by looking at their aura this way.

Most people were a steady stream of mixed blues and greens as they casually went about their everyday business, concerned with their worldly affairs and communication. This didn't often fluctuate, as far as he had noticed for his short time here in the city. He had yet to meet anyone really out of the ordinary..

Until he saw Lokith. His aura was like a turbulent river of red. 
What did this mean? Was there something different about that guy?
He was thinking frantically while the one in question approached him.

'"See anything good?"'

Luca smiled politely, though he shook his head, failing to turn and look at the blonde who addressed him. A rich, melodic tenor voice gave an unsure answer.

"Nu-I mean.. no. I do not know. I was not really looking at things." he indicated the storefronts, mostly name-brand fashion shops on this side of the street with a cell phone store squeezed in between. His English was a bit shaky, especially when he was this nervous and excited at the same time.
He guessed he likely came off as unapproachable or snobbish to this stranger. The formal attire probably didn't help matters.

"I was looking at people."
Now that Luc pointed it out again, perhaps Lokith could see the reflections on the surface of the glass. People who were walking by them would never suspect they were being watched.

Luca finally turned his head just enough to look at Lokith, those eyes that were greener than emeralds meeting the other's for a brief moment.

"I see something different with you." he said outright. Luca wasn't the greatest at subtlety, not having much experience at socializing. He either didn't know or didn't care to form a hidden agenda. He had only vaguely heard that mutants or anyone 'special' other than his own weirdness existed, never meeting any himself. He didn't care if he sounded crazy for speaking up, because his 'friends' wanted his help, and wouldn't let him go back to being locked in the mental hospital.

"Why are you red? They tell me you are full of secrets."

Something else in the window grabbed his attention as quick as he had spoken, and Luca's breath caught in his throat.
He turned around and watched a child with no shoes meandering along, in his own little world.

"Argint..? I have never seen that before!"
Luca followed Gigi without another word, as entranced as a cat chasing a butterfly.
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Lokith Stormborne


PostSubject: Re: Silent Calling (pg13)   Sat Feb 14, 2015 1:25 pm

Lokith ignored his two friends. Instead taking this time to look Luca over. The guy before him looked out of place here. Not due to the rich boy attire he wore but the shining lost in new york expression he wore. There was all kinds of levels of that but this guy clearly was not from around here. He took in his features. "Do you have a name pretty boy?" He asked as if he hadn't just heard the looking at things comment. What was with this guy? He was just looking more like a lost doe right now. Yes...a baby deer lost from the woods in new york city. "People watching? That's an interesting past time and a bit perverted depending who and what your watching." He said in a joking way.

He looked at him and held up his hand. "If your going to start psychic mumbo jumbo crap please halt it there. I don't care if there are mutants...I don't want to hear none of that shiz. Especially not my future." He said with a smirk. Though soon he laughed. "Why am I red? Well I will say you are accurate everyones full of secret." He said.

Blinking as Victor and Botz were talking and he just watched the guy wander off. "Let's keep an eye on pretty boy...he is either a kitten or a baby deer but either way this guy easy pickings for M.R.D." he stated  to them. Botz let out an exasperated sigh as he really wanted to get the parts for a signal scrambling device but the boss spoke. Victor shrugged and put a hand on botz shoulder. "Just roll with it Botz. Lokith probably got something in mind that isnt just baby sitting pretty boys." He said before following his best friend. Botz pushed up his glasses. "Let's just hope its G-G rated." he stuttered out.

Lokith shot a look to them. "You know I can hear you right?" He said. Victor smirked. "Yep. So no hitting on pretty boy...even if you do fixate on pretty things." He said teasingly. Lokith's response was to flip him the bird.
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PostSubject: Re: Silent Calling (pg13)   Sat Feb 14, 2015 1:35 pm

Gigi played with a set of prayer beads that had belonged to his direct as the Americans would call it. His hand feeling the handcarved and hand painted wooden beads. Their softly stained colors. His feet kept wandering and while he sensed when someone trailed behind him it was Ne York was not as unusual as in the mountains of the tibetan and chinese borderlands.

He stopped and stared out. Nobody could see what he saw right then. When his head lifted. His mind replayed the faraway sounds of gunfire. The screams that gargled and cut off when monks killed to defend. The rapid tibetan and chinese from the monks. The slightly detached feeling he had then. Pulling out the prayer beads he began to do a Tibetan prayer. Holding the beads above his head. He didn't want their spirits to linger on. Even if he felt no sorrow he remembered his training. "Shuì zài yǒngjiǔ hépíng. Shàolín wǔ sēng. Kàn dào zǔxiān de zhùfú huáibào."

(Translation: Sleep in everlasting peace. Shaolin Monks. See the ancestor's blessed embrace.)

He then tore the bead strand and let the beads scatter bounce and spread around. To him he still saw them falling down. His arms lowered and he resumed walking down the sidewalk. Disconnected from the world around him until he knelt down and picked up a shining coin. Staring at the metal curiously. "Shiny...what is?" He wondered in broken English.
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Luca Arei Dracos


PostSubject: Re: Silent Calling (pg13)   Sat Feb 14, 2015 2:36 pm

Confusion was clearly written on the young man's face as Lokith replied with things he didn't expect. 
Pervert? Mumbo-jumbo? Mutants?
"What does he mean?" was all he could mutter while he walked away, glancing over his shoulder as if someone had tipped him off that Lokith was going to follow. Luca merely arched one brow and proceeded to go after the child with the silvery aura who was protected by spirits.

He kept following Gigi, until the boy had stopped and stared into the twilight, taking something from his pocket. Luca stepped a little closer, seeing the boy hold the ring of simple-looking beads aloft. He couldn't understand what was being said, but saw the brilliance of Gigi's aura growing.
It turned bright white, and Luc knew then that the boy was speaking to the spirits, saying something that was specifically for them.

He had to hold up a hand to shield his eyes, despite it nearly being nighttime, as Gigi broke the string of beads and let them bounce away in different directions. To Luca, it was like a bright star that grew until it burst, scattering tiny pieces of light. 
When the boy was done and his arms were back at his sides, Luca started to walk after him again, but stopped long enough to pick up one of the small wooden beads. He handled it as if he'd found a jewel, holding it in one palm as he kept a certain distance behind Gigi, sorting out the impression he was picking up from the spirits that were always around.

He quietly went to Gigi as he knelt and picked up a penny on the ground, and without a second thought he bent to put himself at eye level with the child.

"Penny." he said plainly, pointing at the shiny thing in the kid's little fingers.
Luca smiled and held out his hand, with the single bead in it.

"This?" he wanted to know what it was to the boy who had taken a course of action even most wizened adults couldn't bring themselves to. Some too lonely, some too afraid.. 
He'd given the spirits that protected him their freedom, sending them on to the next stage of life with his best wishes. It was the most compassionate thing he'd ever seen, and the boy did it with such a serenely straight face.
The glaring light of his aura had become a gentle glow of gold and white.
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Lokith Stormborne


PostSubject: Re: Silent Calling (pg13)   Sat Feb 14, 2015 4:53 pm

Lokith followed behind Luca acting like his guard. Botz pulling out a tablet as Victor kept an eye out for cops or strange vehicles. Lokith moved himself closer to the shadows. Watching the kitten who if he allowed himself to delve into his buddies teasings WAS pretty damn cute. He was more like something new interesting and yes the guy was quite beautiful...for a boy. Right now he was merely protecting someone who would be easy pickings for the underdogs of the city. Con artists to M.R.D. this guy didn't seem to be from around here. He blamed it on the fact he couldn't protect his twin or any number of things...but he felt it necessary to act like a mafioso style bodyguard. Giving the guy space but putting off the air of someone you just didn't want to mess with. He even slid on a pair of shades and his fingerless gloves. Producing a smoke from a pocket and lit it.

((Lokith can be skipped for now as he just going to act like Luca's self proclaimed bodyguard and keep watch from the shadows XD))
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PostSubject: Re: Silent Calling (pg13)   Sat Feb 14, 2015 5:24 pm

Gigi was like most tune to a world the grown people couldn't see. While he couldn't see or hear them like someone with an ability to...even human children saw the world that adults didn't. Ghosts...are a biggest example. Ghosts were often the explaination behind the imaginary friends kids have til they grow up and forget what they knew or saw before. He was more in tune to these things through the training with the monks and the fact he was introverted from the world. His form was stationary so it started rocking back and forth on the balls of the feet and tips of the toes. Staring at the shiny coin. It was washed clean from rains and shimmered and shined. He felt the motion changes but he didn't stop studying the shiny coin. He was instinctively using his ears, his senses and everything but his eyes. He didn't get clouded by his thoughts because he was and wasn't in the same world as everyone else. Though he was able to tell the prayer was done right and the ancient traditional methods he'd done with the beads had helped. He didn't see the spirits going away and moving on. Nor anything that Luca saw.

He hadn't moved from where he was moving back and forth and lifting the copper penny to catch the street lights and setting sun. When the older boy walked over he really hadn't paid attention to him. Though the...air...around the boy slowly drew his gaze towards him. Blinking as like with any child who hadn't stopped believing in the unknown he could tell something was there. Though unlike Luca when he looked up all it was was translucent rippling in the air. Looking to the shiny coin as he shifted to sitting on his lower legs as he took a moment. Moving his gaze from coin and air to Luca's face slowly. Then looked where he pointed. "Penny." He sounded out slowly.

It was the air of peaceful tranquility around Luca that put Gigi at ease. Reminded him of the landscapes around the temple he was raised in for more years than he looked to have. The mysterious air the boy had drew his attention like a proverbial puzzle. He actually noticed Luca. Falling silent as he blinked and looked to the bead. Moving and set the shiny penny in Luca's hand beside the bead. A silent show of new friends and new meetings. He looked to the single small wooden bead in his hand. He stared at the bead that was lifeless and seperated from the strand. "Shaolin Monk prayer make prayer bead strands. Direct Mentor's bead from strand...or was. Bead now mean new start." he sounded out in broken english very slowly. Keeping the sentences short and to the point. Yet explainatory.

His mentor would be checking himself for too much sake right about now. Due to how much Gigi was interacting with someone. Luca just a rare person whether it was the aura, his gift, or something else entirely...he existed within Gigi's world within the world. While he wasn't getting attached to Luca he was interacting with someone without them literally having to speak or get in his head. He studied the boy. He had the air or chi of enlightened or spirit wise. As he learned through hypnodermic teachings and over the years from the monks. 'Puzzle boy.' he said silently to himself. Moving his small hands to Luca's face before smiling. He could feel that same tranquility and oddly wisened energy from this boy as with the shaolin monks at the temple. Pulling back he decided to name him...puzzle boy was mysterious and something he understood. Like the peace and tranquility of the shaolin temples. Pointing his finger at Luca's nose. "You Jīngshén zhìzhě. Me Gigi."

(Translation: You Spirit Wise. Me Gigi.)

He lowered his hands. He was interacting with the puzzle boy or the mysterious chi around the male. For whatever reason Luca's gift allowed him to be one of the rare people who could be inside Gigi's world within the world everyone was in.
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Luca Arei Dracos


PostSubject: Re: Silent Calling (pg13)   Mon Feb 16, 2015 12:34 am

Ever being watched by visitors whose judgement effected things in ways no one could imagine, Luca hardly minded the distant company of the teen with the red aura and his groupies. Oh, he knew they were there, for Luca's aura reached 40 feet around him in all directions in the open air. The city reduced that significantly, but everyone on that part of the sidewalk of 38th street headed toward the library and Montasy Comics was walking in his stuff.

The monks that were attached to Gigi had moved on, though as the child explained the little wooden bead, Luca could see it still flicker with light. The silvery star was staying lit, as if the boy's mentor had left some last thoughts.

"Shaolin monk..?" Luc played back the words in his pseudo-Russian accent, thinking of how it explained so many things. The first person to really shine since reaching this city was a tiny monk. 
"You call me wise, they told me." he said with the distanced sort of tone that was more commonly used by people while they were on a phone call and trying to have an in-person conversation all at once.

His other call 'muted' for a few moments as Luca was overwhelmed to the point of wanting to do something very emotional. Cry out, jump up and down, give the boy a big hug, maybe all of the above! Those urges were all pushed back with a tight-lipped smile and few deep breaths.

The Shaolin teachings were all about self-motivation, self-awareness, and self-recognition. Rather than believing someone else could enlighten them, they abandoned the illusions of the outside world and turned within. Their mind is their Buddha. They weren't part of a 'religion', they were disciples of a spirit, one that belongs to everything which lives. If anyone here understands life, a monk was closer to seeing the truth of everything than 99% of this city.
The little boy's hand, his acceptance, and the words he used to describe Luca nearly brought him to tears. He couldn't receive a higher compliment, from his point of view.

"Your words are too kind, Gigi." Luca said quietly with that sad sort of smile as he got his feels under control. There were always spirits around, especially in this concrete forest. Though this pretty boy had walked through the most haunted forest in his country, known as the 'Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania' and still walked on. His spirit was still mostly innocent and he could seem like a fawn wandering in dangerous surroundings. Now the fawn was as appropriately afraid as Lokith expected him to be.

He knew there were things that looked across the veil with jealousy. Things that followed living people, consumed by hate or vengeance. They were spirits too. Regular people most commonly tagged them with the labels 'demon' or 'angry ghost'.
When Luca started to feel emotions welling up, his aura withdrew. He couldn't be sure what kind of attention letting any more bright colors flash could draw. Now that his spirit was taking a look outside its shell, it found something worrisome.

"Where are you going to?" a chill swept over him as the green-eyed young man focused on something high over Gigi's shoulder. He was having a stare-down with something that no one else was even aware of. A confused, lost spirit that had been envying the living for long enough that it warped the poor soul into something dangerous and twisted. A withered black thing with long claws and knifelike teeth. These were drawn in by real positive feelings; true fulfillment, compassion, transcendent understanding being shared between two kindred spirits..
They took personal insult to stuff like that. 

Luca could keep staring at it, and typically the 'shadow man' would stay and cast a death-glare back. As he had encountered a few, he knew they were incapable of closing distance while being watched. If he stared at it long enough, it would usually go away all pissed off, or he would leave their field of influence by walking backward and never taking his eyes off it.
They preferred to catch targets unaware. People who could pick up on the impression it was there and exhibited signs of being paranoid or anxious of it would feel somehow haunted, but generally they figured it was for nothing. They had no idea they had scared it off by being a little scared themselves.

As Luc was trying to determine where Gigi was going so he could accompany the boy, some random passer-by decided they were in his way, crouching there and having a moment..
"Hey you re-re's. Can you move it out of the sidewalk?"

Luca's eyes snapped to the man for a mere hair of a second with a scathing glare. He had been giving the 'shadow man' his game face, and this ignorant prick tipped his mood over in the direction of anger. He immediately closed his eyes, and took a deep breath as he stood up, straightening his suit jacket. The rude individual paused, instantly regretting what he said as he caught a real look at the cute rich guy he'd offended.

"Uncalled for, but I apologize." Luca nodded, even smiling as the stranger returned to walking, blinking in apparent astoundment.

The 'shadow man' seized that moment to move. While the rude person who yelled at them passed by, Luca had been looking away. When he looked back it was gone.

"We need to go, now." 
He didn't like not knowing where that evil spirit went. Buildings blocked out some of his sight, but walls were no obstacle to a spirit. It could be waiting just out of sight for them to pass, and while their backs were turned...

Luca shuddered to think it, and gave Gigi back the penny he found, clasping the boy's hand around it.
"Not safe here."
He urged the boy to come with him, looking around nervously for anyone reacting to the intense incarnation of hate that had been sitting on the nearby roof, overseeing them. Not a one seemed to be aware of it, and there were so many more people here than anyplace he had ever seen one.

It would not be good if the 'shadow man' came after him or someone else in the middle of the city. People who couldn't sense it were defenseless, and Luca knew that could turn out to be horrible.
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PostSubject: Re: Silent Calling (pg13)   Mon Feb 16, 2015 4:17 pm

Gigi looked at the coin then to the boy. He tilted his head. Blinking a bit and giggled. The boy had weird ripples around him. He didn't see them...whoever was hanging around Luca. They weren't harmful to the boy whose energy reminded him of it was okay. Not that he cared either way. After the monks brutal massacure now and seeing several mentors be born, grow up, grow old and die...the loss of all of them at once just cemented that getting attached even knowing they died was pointless. He was sad somewhere...deep down...but he was also detached from it too. They were part of life. It always always ended then started anew. He blinked as luca spoke. Nodding his head as that was so.

He was a bit curious what Luca saw in the small wooden bead yet was very certain whatever Luca assertained from the bead...was meant only for Luca. And Luca alone. He was strongly connected to the Shaolin Monk's ways as it was his primary teachings since infancy. With that there was influences from China and Tibet both outside of the Shaolin Monks. The traditions and beliefs of both China and Tibet...rattled around in his head alongside of the main one of the Shaolin monks. "Gigi call you Spirit Wise. You have same air and energy as Shaolin Monks." he slowly sounded the words out. He was surprising himself speaking so much without being forced. He was relaxed and felt tranquil, clear headed, serene and at peace right now. He readily accepted what Luca said about they without asking questions. They must be the ripples around him.

He blinked and looked at the other boy. Noticing him. He memorized his features as if painting him as a permanent fixture inside the world within the world around them. He didn't understand him he was stating it as it was. Silently and unsure how to respond to the other. He merely nodded his head. He would call him the puzzles or the few things within his pockets or the travel bag he left inside the school. "To find puzzles." he said simply. It was where he was going to...why he got locked out and how he met the boy with tranquil and harmonous energy around him.

His eyes disconnected from interacting and retreated to introverting when the older male approached and said some weird confusing comments he couldn't translate the meaning of. He focused on the ground as he rocked back and forth and vanished into his world. His world that still saw Luca and so that was the only person his focus was on. Tilting his head he clutched the penny and held it. He could feel the chaos and evil but to him he really wasn't sure what it was. There was so much impure, chaotic, dischord or dark here...he leaned into the other boys hold and urged he dropped penny and clasped the other boys hand. "Lead..." He instructed softly.
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Lokith Stormborne


PostSubject: Re: Silent Calling (pg13)   Mon Feb 16, 2015 4:20 pm

Lokith went to deck the guy when he was grabbed back. Hissing violently at Victor he glared at him. Victor shook his head and held him back. Lokith scowled as he watched the two interact. He waited until the kitten and the kid were not looking and were doing something else before he grabbed the rich guy and shoved him into the alley way. He growled at him and whispered something in his ear before he slammed the guy by his hair into the wall and he fell unconscious. Moving back out as he noticed Victor keeping an eye on the kitten and the child. Botz let out an angry scowl as some sort of interference completel yfried and spazzed out his tablet. Lokith looked at him. "What the hell is wrong with you now?!" "Something fried the tablet right as i was hitting order submit." Botz stated.

Lokith blinked a bit. "What could do that?" He asked as he kept an eye on them. Botz stared at him. "Supernatural, paranormal, spectral, governmental classified illegal experiments or extraterristrial...pick a poison." He said flatly. Lokith stared at him. "Why did I even bother askign a paranoid conspiratist ufo chaser that question?" he asked. The two boys took off and he rushed after them. "Victor get the car!" He shouted as he and botz followed them. What the hell happened? Victor arrived with the car and he rushed to catch up to Luca and Gigi. "Hey you two get in the car." He stated. Opening the back door. If they did it on their own he wouldn't have to assist them. Victor was scooting to the front passenger seat.
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Luca Arei Dracos


PostSubject: Re: Silent Calling (pg13)   Wed Feb 18, 2015 3:11 am

'To find puzzles'. Luca thought about it, but had no time to say anything of it.
There was a growing list of puzzles, enigmas, and dilemmas building up for every day he spent here in the city. He could only do so much to find answers to these unsolved mysteries on his own. All he could do was take the boy's hand and lead.

A car stopped at the curb and the Aussie with the red aura told them to get in. The green-eyed young man took a second to focus on him, giving the blonde a quick once-over. Lokith could have easily mistook it for a rich kid judging him by the lowly clothes he wore, though Luka was trying to find any fluctuations in his aura. He didn't sense any harmful intent, and decided to let this play out as it would.

Moments like these seemed to find him like 'good luck' as some might put it. Coincidence or fate, whenever he felt like he was being called on to do something important, it seemed like the world would move with him.

He climbed into the back seat, looking out the rear window for any sign of -it- while he pulled Gigi in and shut the door behind them.
The 'shadow man' halfway appeared from below the street, only its head rising into the lanes of traffic.
Luca jumped, unable to stop a yelp at the cold terror he felt. It was still coming toward them, getting side-tracked with each car that drove over it, but able to partially home in on them.

What had changed the rules? He had to think..
The car started forward quickly and his forehead bumped the window.
Luca scrambled to the passenger's side rear window, lowering enough to look out.
Maybe he looked like he was frantic to get air or something, though Luca chuckled nervously as he'd barely managed to stop the 'shadow man' out of arm's length of the car.

It froze, screaming out in rage as it was stopped so close to getting what it wanted.
Someone on the sidewalk next to their car who was talking on their phone began to look at the device in confusion, giving it a few hopeless button-presses and slapping it on the back.
Despite himself, Luca recoiled a bit. He managed to keep his eyes on the thing until the car had gone thirty feet or so down the street. At that point he let out a little smile, sitting back in the seat.

"How did you know we need a ride?" he attempted to make light of Lokith and his friends showing up right when they did, though it wasn't any coincidence at all he'd met these two people, Luca was sure.

"I will have to stay away from there for a while. You know something fun to do? What about movies?"
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Lokith Stormborne


PostSubject: Re: Silent Calling (pg13)   Wed Feb 18, 2015 8:08 pm

Lokith looked at the kid. Waiting for the boy to get in. He wasn't caring what the other rich kids thought or didn't think. If the kitten didn't get in the car he was throwing him and the rugrat he hand held inside. Botz was waiting and playing with an app on his phone. Muttering weird comments now and then that almost made him sound schitzophrenic but he wasn't. Victor just sat on the side and seemed to be ready to start firing out the window like a cliche action film scene at any second.

Lokith looked at Luca and waited...shifting a bit as patience was not a virtue of his. It was a miracle whenever he displayed any. His patience...very selective and usually only when he was playing a game or chasing something or someone he'd taken interest in. Which was probably the reason why he didn't just throw the kid in when he stared at him like the English wasn't computing or something. That thought amused him due to both the kitten and the rugrat's accents. He stared right back at Luca. Moving again as he emphasized the inside of the car with a gestute of his hand. He watched the kid practically dive inside and drag the smaller kid inside. No...kitten and rugrat. He needed to keep it straight but now and again the kitten doe did something to throw his mind towards the kid concept again. Sliding skillfully over the hood of the car he got inside. Watching in the mirror as botz got in and shut the door right as he started driving off down the road. He watched in the rear view mirror as one kid seemed utterly oblivious and the other looked like he felt trapped. Trapped like rats. Shaking his head he wondered at it.

Botz sighed as his phone began to jigsaw. "Spectral! Definitely spectral! Extraterristrial would have given bright lights and time loss." he said finally and to anyone else would have sounded like a lunatic most likely...not his crew. Lokith let out an exasperated sigh and was extremely relieved when Luca spoke again. "I never got your name and you couldn't look anymore like a fish out of water if you tried. or grew gills and began flopping around soaking wet." he said with a shrug.

Victor scoffed a bit. "He decided that he was going to be your bodyguard and its because you got a pretty face." Lokith took a right turn sharper than necessary so that Victor's head thwacked into the passenger window due to not wearing a seatbelt. "So sorry...we almost missed our turn Victor." he said with dripping sarcasm. Lokith kept driving a bit. "Your a kitten now traveling with a rugrat...easy pickings for lowlifes and bad guys. It wouldn't sit right with me if I left kittens to defend themselves against wild animals and assholes." he said seriously. "Even if I can be quite the asshole myself." He said truthfully.

He continued todrive. "Yeah...introduce you to reality outside whatever bubble you and the rugrat are living in. Think we'll use Botz's virtual reality education room though. By we... I mean you." He said with a laugh. Botz sighed a bit. "It wouldn't hurt you to learn something new now and then that doesn't involve violence, blades, or martial arts Lokith." He said as he pushed those coke bottle glasses back up. He turned his phone towards Luca. "Odd...residual static ripples off this one." he muttered. Smiling at Luca. "Names Jerry but everyone calls me Botz." He watched the phone completely fry. "The force is strong with this one." He then reached and pulledo ut his blackberry.

Lokith rolled his eyes a bit. "How is it that such a nerdy geek ended up as part of my closest crew?" He saw Victor go to open his mouth. "Shut up smartass. Don't even say it." He looked at Luca in the rear view mirror as he kept driving towards the city limits. "So what is your name kitten?"
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PostSubject: Re: Silent Calling (pg13)   Wed Feb 18, 2015 9:15 pm

Gigi's loss of perception to the other world made the scream of rage force his hands to his ears. His world within the world made that sound like a high pitched nails down the chalkboard sound. Though it faded as quickly as it happened. Sitting in the middle of the spirit wise boy and a form that's motions and mutters were heard. Heard like whispers in the wind...nothing more. He rocked back and forth. His eyes staring down at his knees as right now he could have a thousand bombs going off around him unless it was shiny or rained puzzles...he wasn't acknowledging any of it. He relaxed and rested his hands in his lap. Humming a song before singing it outloud. A couple tears as he let out the feelings he didn't think he had. They were all gone now. He was detached and only cried a couple tears due to he felt sorrow for all the years he told himself he didn't. It was due to the people near. Rocking back and forth as he sang in Tibetan.

The song gave a hauntingly beautiful ring to the words due to his age. His final farewell to the Shaolin Monks...every single one of them. His singing to the mountains there temple rode the lands of china and tibetan from within. The second mentor whose father had raised him since infancy sang it to him when he cried from the loss of someone who aged and died before he aged much. The second mentor...back when he clung with deep attachments to others who lived...was the great grandfather to the mentor whose bead Luca carried like a treasure. So many memories lay locked away in Gigi's mind. The world within the world helping conceal and hide it far away. He understood the snow was the white cold frozen water thanks to people. He never called it anything just accepted it.

(see included video below or click here)
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Luca Arei Dracos


PostSubject: Re: Silent Calling (pg13)   Wed Feb 18, 2015 11:48 pm

Whether it was riding in the back seat of the car, or the song Gigi was quietly singing, Luca was getting notably tired. He could see the high-frequency violet shift in Jerry's aura as he nearly went giddy over the death of every electronic device he owned.
Though the enthusiasm failed to reach him, Luca still smiled as Botz introduced himself and commented that his obsessed friend could afford to take up other interests besides being a badass.

"hehe,  Star Wars!" he snickered, as if it were still a nerd joke and not every friggin random person and their kids who claimed fandom in that territory.
"You should really not do that. Electro-magnetism is too much for little computers."
He gave the guy a fair warning to put away the Blackberry before it fried too.

Lokith pressuring him for a name or else referring to him as 'kitten' made him Luca put a slight smirk on.
"No, I think not. Names are power. You will know if I trust you when I tell you."
Since the other was going to equate him to being wide-eyed, defenseless, and in need of adoption..
"You can try to 'educate' me. When you admit it will not work the way you want, we will see if you keep following me." he said coyly, baiting Lokith to see how long he could put up with the Star Wars mumbo-jumbo.

"I could make it time not wasted." A statement like that could mean many things and it didn't seem like Luca would elaborate any more. It was a tentative compromise of some sort. He could obviously pay Lokith and his two friends as bodyguards in an official capacity, if that was all it took to keep them around to handle the living people- while he took care of business with the rest.
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PostSubject: Re: Silent Calling (pg13)   Thu Feb 19, 2015 12:14 am

Gigi looked at Luca suddenly when he made an exclaimation. Blinking a bit as he scooted closer to the source of comfort and serenity. Peacefulness still oozed off Luca. Though he was getting a bit dizzy watching the ups downs and changes in the others postures. He laid his head on Luca's arm, from the side, and yawned a bit cutely. Rubbing a small fisted hand against his eye. He looked at Luca. Studying him then closed his eyes. He was a bit tired but he wouldn't rest just yet. He pulled on Luca's sleeve. "Jīngshén zhìzhě decide where go?" He asked in broken English and his body was still tired. Too much excitement...not enough food substinance. Plus he was soaking up the boy that was his...Luca...being tired and struggling with the presence of too many people. Too many noisy people.
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Lokith Stormborne


PostSubject: Re: Silent Calling (pg13)   Thu Feb 19, 2015 4:09 pm

Lokith looked in the rear mirror and watched them. He shook his head and glanced to Victor as they drove. "I swear Botz could make friends with a stop sign if it was able to feel something." He said with a smirk. He listened as the kitten and Botz interacted. Star Wars? Thank god...he was sure that Botz would throw a Star Trek reference out but Star Wars was alright. He smirked as Luca told Botz about computers and electro-magnetism...he was smarter than he let on. Most times he just acted like he didn't understand. Though there was a great deal of the time Botz opened his mouth he really was all what the f**k???

He turned a left and continued driving. Heading past the leaving New York sign posted off the side of the road. Botz grinned a bit. "I  know but I built into my blackberry a field that allows electro-magnetic fields to pass over it harmlessly. I have all my ghost hunting and ufo chasing apps in this. It doesn't even run of the cellphone towers or records. Its my own creation. Though the blackberry itself was a scrapped one I found and remodeled. I enjoy chasing the unknown. Then again I'm an extreme conspiratist and come off paranoid...I'm quite sane and probably the most harmless member of the crew." he said with a laugh and a shrug before he then fell silent. Inputting data from a few moments prior. Leaving out any referencing to Luca. He snickered a bit as he listened to Luca vs Lokith.

Lokith looked in the mirror as he blinked a bit. Hearing the small rugrat with the other boy mention something. All he caught out of that was that is what he'd call him. "Alright then I'll call you Jing. It's better than kitten. You can call me Vash." He said with a shrug. Smirking a bit. "You are right...names are power. Don't ever forget that. Also...if you start to trust me when I've not earned it your a fool. I wouldn't trust me." He said with a laugh. Victor snorted as if he had something to say but couldn't figure out a censored version. "If we didn't trust you we'd not be your best friends and follow you to hell and back." Botz chimed out with as he started to work on some weird coding looking gibberish. Lokith stared at Botz and shook his head silently.

He smirked a bit. "I like this one Victor. We're keeping him. He is a fiesty little kitten and witty too." He said with a devil may cry but the heaven's aren't listening grin flashed in the rear view mirror at Luca. "If I want something I never give up until I get it Jing." He said with a smirk. He shook his head. No. No. You can not have bad thoughts about the kitten. He mentally scolded himself. Kinda hard...this guy was witty, had a great since of humor and he was good looking. This was not helping his thoughts. He pulled a few turns and circular routes before he pulled up to a building that was once deserted. Looked remodeled. Some ways off was a peaceful little graveyard. In another direction trees. A great vantage point for miles out in every direction. Nothing too close or too far yet the wildlife had overgrown it. "Alright boys we're home. Everybody out the f**king car."
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Luca Arei Dracos


PostSubject: Re: Silent Calling (pg13)   Sat Feb 21, 2015 2:39 pm

"We are going with them for now. You can sleep, it is safe." Luca patted Gigi's back, sympathizing with how tired the child looked. He had no idea where the dear boy had been already that day. He felt terribly protective over Gigi, though it was the kind of obligation he was happy to undertake.

Jerry's fascination in unknown paranormal stuff was both tempting to Luca, but dangerous as well. While he could tell the guy every interesting detail he'd learned of how spirits interact with the world of the living, he decided to remain quiet and let him use the mechanical means he invented to figure it out. They didn't need to know everything. Especially considering how Lokith was telling him not to be foolish and trust him.

"Copiii, nebunii și bețivii spun adevărul." (Children, fools and drunken men tell the truth.)
The melodious words bore the ring of old wisdom, but it was up to those listening in to guess what they meant.

"You should trust yourself, then you can be surprised." Luca said teasingly to Lokith after Jerry had made his remark. The driver's cavalier grin in the mirror made him smile as well.

"We will see who is fool that gives up first, hmm?"
As the car took a few detours around the countryside, Luca quietly admired the scenery. The place where they finally stopped had a peaceful atmosphere, which was nice after the noisy city. It was a little ironic there was a graveyard out here.

Lokith called for everyone to get out, though Luca didn't move very quickly. He waited for everyone else to move, and to see if Gigi would wake up from the rolling motion of the car stopping, not really wanting to make him get up just to go inside. If he stayed asleep, Luca wouldn't think twice about carrying the boy.
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PostSubject: Re: Silent Calling (pg13)   Sat Feb 21, 2015 5:40 pm

Gigi merely heard buzzings from invisible forms and features. The ghosts to Gigi weren't the ones who the majority of the world didn't see. The ghosts of Gigi's introverted world were the ones who had pulses and heartbeats still. His world within the world had very few living. Even more since over the years he'd grown slow due to his healing he'd decided that after the massacure of the Shaolin Monks getting attached to people was pointless. Luca's ghosts he saw were more likely to exist inside Gigi's world within the world his body and the rest of the world lived in. There was very few pulse riddled entities that existed there. Luca. Angel Girl (arabella) for in gigi's mind angels didn't count as humans. Or something.

The ghosts which Luca saw clearly existed within the world within everyones world as ripples or translucent motions because they were both existing and not existing in the world Gigi's body existed in. Rare special people existed and anchored him to the world around them. Luca was slightly such an anchor. Animals helped those who normally did not exist interact with someone like Gigi. Introverted and high functioning austistic. He right now only heard too much noisy people and Luca. Hearing Luca he nodded a bit. "Sleep does not mean not aware." He said before he curled into Luca and trusted the older boy enough to go to sleep.

((luca has permission to move or carry gigi or whatever until he wakes XD))
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Lokith Stormborne


PostSubject: Re: Silent Calling (pg13)   Sat Feb 21, 2015 5:58 pm

Lokith stood outside the car. Victor vanished into the shadows and every now and then you'd see him show up outside of the shadows. Then he'd dart off and vanish again. He repeated this as he checked for tracking devices, survelliance gear, intruders and various other aspects. They were now far outside of the city limits. In one of Lokith's bases so to speak. Still they were a well running gang unit...or group of hoodlooms as the cops called them. Coming back several moments later. "Nothing out of order. No intruders. No signs the base was compromised boss." He said before lighting up a cigarette. Lokith watched the kid and bots take a moment. The driver's door was still open. "Roger that." He said to Victor.

He had no idea what Jing aka Luca said. He stared at him a bit. Pulling out his phone. He contemplated. Taking a thoughtful look. "Victor reach into the dashboard and grab me that burner cell. We're all changing our phones. We can't take any chances. As much as I hate to admit're probably right about Varga. She definitely went to the dark side." He said after a period of silence.

Botz smiled and put his item back in his pocket. Responding to Luca. "Adevărul este doar în ceea ce -l accepte ca . Un om înțelept spune adevărul învăluit în secrete sau minciuni . Nimic nu este întotdeauna ceea ce pare . Uneori ar trebui să citiți printre rânduri . Un om înțelept nebun va spune adevărul din spatele acoperit minciuni suprafață ." He said to him as he unlocked his door.
(The truth is only in what you accept it as. A wise man tells truth veiled in secrets or lies. Nothing is ever what it seems. Sometimes you should read between the lines. A foolish wise man will tell the truth veiled behind surface lies.)
He then got out and walked over to Luca's side. Opening it in case the other teenager needed help getting out with his plus one passenger.
Lokith just stared at them both. Shaking his head a bit.

A momentary grim expression hit his lips when Luca spoke. There was things this teenage lost doe didn't know. Nor would he tell him. He began to take out his cellphone. Dismantling it and pulled the sim card out. Dropping the cellphone to the ground and smashed it. "Not taking any risks...not right now. I won't have them on my conscious." He said in aboriginal tongue. He crushed the phone and pocketed the sim card into the trenchcoat. He waited to see if Luca and Gigi were getting out. "Botz when we get inside...burner cells including one of for Jing. Teach him how to use it. Plus we're going to need to prepare for war...traitor in the midst and I want you to hack into a certain cell signal. I want to see if its true...before we go kicking out crew members." He said seriously.

Then Luca said something that caused him to seem a bit lighter for a moment. Laughing before he looked into the open door of the car where Luca and Gigi still remained.. "Whats the wagers on if win or lose Jing?" he asked with that same grin as before.
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Luca Arei Dracos


PostSubject: Re: Silent Calling (pg13)   Sun Feb 22, 2015 6:39 am

Sitting inside the car for a few moments, he carefully moved Gigi to a comfortable position so he could carry the boy. Luca would do this himself, considering his young charge seemed to notice only him. He couldn't imagine what would happen if the boy woke up being held by someone else.

Botz answered in Luca's native tongue, which instantly earned the man some respect. It wasn't the most difficult language, compared to English; but it was certainly different from Russian and German.

"You did this only to learn about vampires, am I right..?" his tone was joking around, though it was still a legit question.

As Lokith disassembled his phone and paid a second to indulge a darker mood, Luca shook his head and then ducked to loop one of Gigi's arms over his shoulder.
The blonde finished instructing Jerry on what to do, and laughed a bit at what he said, though Luca wasn't entirely convinced by that smile.

"I will say for you, now the chances are even. It could be better if you have an open mind." straight up admitting this concern before Lokith had the opportunity to call him crazy, Luca gave him a little smile before slowly getting out. 
Luca was surprised at how light Gigi really felt. He didn't look underweight or anything, so he couldn't explain it. After a moment he started toward the repurposed building, expecting Lokith to move along and open the door to the place once they got there.

"If you are helping me, there are things I will have to tell you. You will not believe it."
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Lokith Stormborne


PostSubject: Re: Silent Calling (pg13)   Sun Feb 22, 2015 7:55 pm

Botz looked at him as he spoke a bit. Laughing as he spoke. "Nah. I half Romani. I learned it fluently to understand when my grandmother spoke so fast to most it sounded like gibberish I could enjoy the humor of her telling off my old man." He said with a goofy grin. He looked at him a bit. "Vampires are learned through lore." He said with a shrug. He wasn't as much into vampires as he was spectral and extraterrestrial or paranormal activities. Lokith watched them interact a bit. He watched them and the smile he'd put on faded into a more natural and almost gentle smile. Until he noticed Luca looking then he spoke a bit. "So I need to work harder to make you trust me to watch your back but not desire to get closer. Got it." he said seriously.

Getting whacked on the back of the head by Victor who made the whole motion seem like he was just stretching and the young male's head just 'happened' to get in the way. Lokith leveling Victor a dirty look which was highly ineffective! It almost 'bounced' off Victor as if deflected. Figuratively speaking. He went and opened the door of the building. Typing in lazily some codes. His hands moving on autopilot almost. He suddenly doubled over into the doorway. His right ear bleeding as he shook his head. Seeing Victor nearby. "Nah...nothing to worry about. Just that asswipe pulling some trick again. It won't work...I'm not going back." he said to his friend. His hand to his head as he looked to Luca.

A sad look in his eyes a bit. "Jing...I will help you without knowing. If you got a gift from higher powers or however you understand it...the only one here who doesn't is Botz and Victor." He used his energy sourcing to cause white with blue tinting energy to crackle over his form. "There is others out there with gifts or curses depending who you ask. Please Jing...for your own safety...I don't want to know... if you can or can't do something. Until you decide whether you want to tell me or not. I won't have your blood or safety on my conscious for knowing stuff. I'm very open minded but to protect two kids I don't even know...I have to be narrow minded." He shook his arm and it went away.

You could hear the genuine honesty coming from him before he made a scoff sound ruining the moment. "Trust me...nowadays little shocks me. I will help you because my instincts tell me to. I don't need to know about you just about who you face and whose ass I need to kick. If I know too much about you...I'll get attached and territorial. That gets dangerous for anyone who messes with something or someone I call mine." He shrugged yet again was being honest. For now he waited until Luca and Botz went inside...then he followed suit. Victor right behind him.
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Luca Arei Dracos


PostSubject: Re: Silent Calling (pg13)   Sun Feb 22, 2015 10:58 pm

Jerry's story of why he learned fluent Romanian made Luca smile. He adored hearing others tell family stories, especially from people with many to tell. 

It was diminished by what Lokith said, though he seemed to take it in stride, and listen to the blonde tell his honest thoughts.
He didn't say anything in reply, only nodding to the other before going inside to find somewhere comfortable for Gigi to sleep. 

After he saw to laying the child down on a sofa and covering him with a blanket, Luca stayed sitting there with Gigi's little bare feet across his lap.
He could admit those arrangements Lokith insisted on made things easy. However, that underlying sense of disappointment from the other resounded with him. 
Luca wanted to ask 'Vash' some questions, but found he was too tired now to care, leaning on the arm of the sofa and shutting his eyes for a while.
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Lokith Stormborne


PostSubject: Re: Silent Calling (pg13)   Sun Feb 22, 2015 11:12 pm

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Silent Calling (pg13)
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