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Many years ago Xavier's school for gifted mutants was attacked. It was left in ruin. Teachers and students abandoned it with no hope of returning to it for sanctuary...

Years later a professor named Jason Andrews returned life to the school's halls and rebuilt its walls. Students have once again come to learn at the school in safety.

Many other mutants aren't quite so lucky. Some still remain hidden in the shadows and some within factions like the brotherhood are left leaderless.
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Loika Faelith

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 China Town Black Markets ~R~

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Neo Lancewick

PostSubject: China Town Black Markets ~R~   Wed Feb 18, 2015 9:44 pm

After telling Shikon that he was heading out and most likely wouldn't be back before curfew he took the portside route that Shikon showed him. Thana helped him memorize. He needed to get out of that house. It was unusual to stay in a house so long. He was used to running...and streets. The most roof over his head until the past month or so...was an overhang jutting out from a roof that covered the porch steps. As he walked he slipped through the back alley ways unnoticed and with graceful ease.The hood of the jacket he wore zipped up shadowed his face some. Bare feet moved over the ground with silent steps...hands stayed in his pockets. Keeping a low profile and staying invisible in plain sight.

Hurrying past a few shady and dark buildings. You saw nothing. You heard nothing. You knew nothing...even were mute at times. Especially in these streets. China Town...New York. The sun was setting more and more making colorful lights dot the ways but the real nightlife wouldnt' be showing for another hour. Right now it was mostly retreating tourists...some triad members here and there...drug dealers and a couple prostitutes out for early work.

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Kelly Andre Sharp

Hellfire Club

PostSubject: Re: China Town Black Markets ~R~   Thu Feb 19, 2015 3:43 pm

China Town was a culture treat during the day, if one could get past the pandering to tourists. At night, it wasn't really a great place to be. Shady characters would soon be coming out like cockroaches.

Which is why Kas decided to follow Neo on his adventure to find something he'd suggested. The blonde had practically invited him anyway, stating where he was going in the conversation they had. It didn't seem like a wise idea, letting Nature Boy go by himself.

As Kelly followed amidst the city smog overhead, he was quite surprised at how well Neo was avoiding drawing any notice. His footsteps were undetectable, and it seemed like he just blended in no matter where he went. He could really pull off some ninja shit, if he wanted to.

Neo stopped and looked around, and still no one had really seen him. Kelly was impressed, though curious how much the blonde was truly paying attention to his surroundings while trying to hide in plain sight.

"Hey, Legolas!" Kas suddenly appeared standing behind Neo. "You have quite a talent." but if things went sour, was that enough?
"Yanno, I meant to ask you something before." Especially since he learned the Brotherhood was volunteering to be cannon-fodder for a megalomaniac..

"Do you know how to fight at all? Running can save you most of the time, but not every time." that much he learned the hard way. It would be a real shame for the pretty Nature Boy to get caught by cops and thrown in a lockup where he'd never see the sun. Or worse.
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Neo Lancewick

PostSubject: Re: China Town Black Markets ~R~   Thu Feb 19, 2015 5:39 pm

Neo was looking around after he rounded a corner and headed to a street corner. He had stopped to glance around when he heard a familiar voice behind him. He whirled around and had put at least the length of the street between the two sidewalk corners between them. Skittish jerkings a moment before he blinked. He needed to pay more attention to his surroundings. He had but he hadn't heard Kas at he needed to work on that. Pulling the hoodie down and moved back across the space and pressed into the shadows a bit. "Who is Legolas?" He asked softly. His voice so gender neutral right now it was obvious he was spending more focus on the actions previous and listening than any others. He looked up at Kelly and smiled. "It's been a long time since anyone but Thana or Shikon could sneak up on me. More big brother than sister." He said with an awed expression. He blinked a bit. "Talent? What talent?" He asked with genuine cluelessness. He looked at him as he spoke.

He knew that if Kelly had been able to pinpoint his location in shadows within less than a second of his speaking he really needed to train to be able to hear someone like Kelly and at times Shikon approaching. He used Shikon as a basis for that. He tilted his head to the side a bit. He listened to him a bit and looked down. "I'm not very strong...or brave. I'm more defensive, evasive and assistance to those who are the true fighters. Like big brother Shikon, Thana or yourself. Since I'm not an offensive fighter but...I could be. It's just very hard when I'd rather assist, protect or defend. I want to learn to fight. I want to become stronger so that I won't be a hinderance to those who are special to Shikon and Thana. Even cool guy Kelly I just met...these people are people I admire. Who make me want to grow stronger or be more useful." He said very seriously, honestly and admittingly. Smiling yet the voice was still gender neutral. Answering him quite honestly.

He looked around and squished down between the shadows and some crates by the side of the building he was near. Watching some traid members going by. They passed on as if he wasn't there. Standing up he looked at him. "I know Kelly knows how to fight. You're very posture shows that. So I will also use Kelly like hone the senses living on the streets has taught me more. Until I can be invisible in plain sight and hear even more skilled warriors than assassians trying to kill me." he said with a smile.
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Kelly Andre Sharp

Hellfire Club

PostSubject: Re: China Town Black Markets ~R~   Thu Feb 19, 2015 7:44 pm

"Nah, ya got it wrong. I'm not somebody you should admire."
He turned that idea away before some ill-concieved notion that he had any morals led Neo to think Kas was a nice guy.

"I know how to get into any place and take something away without anybody realizing you were there." What he took away could be information, or things, or people.
It explained why he was able to sneak up on Neo. That was an essential skill in his profession.
The Chinese gang members walked around the corner and he instantly dissolved into thin smoke that hung listlessly, watching the elfy blonde in the hoodie sort of melt into the shadows.

Once they'd gone far enough away, the smoke quickly pulled itself together, making a small sound like a muffled pop. Kas stood in the same spot, going for something in his pocket.
He sighed, not finding whatever he was looking for.

"Assassins, huh? You should let someone fix that for ya..."
Kas was so sure of his skills, he wouldn't even ask questions. That, and the idea of out-thinking other assassins at their game was like trying to find the best hot sauce. It would hurt but the punishment was worth it.
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Neo Lancewick

PostSubject: Re: China Town Black Markets ~R~   Thu Feb 19, 2015 8:51 pm

Neo tilted his head to the side. "You don't even know what I know to say I got it wrong. People can admire people for more reasons than what someone calls good or evil." He said softly yet with an oddly intelligent tone that often got lost in the rest of his demeanor. He crossed his arms a bit. "I admire you because you didn't try to make me feel dumb and even humored me thinking I was safe in the shadows. You knew from the second I spoke exactly where I was right?" He said with a smile. Looking directly at kelly as he said this. "Yet you were still nice enough no matter what your reasons were not to point that out but just humored me. A butthole would have pointed it out or been mean. Everyone has a code of conduct even if they don't share it. On the streets there is many. See nothing hear nothign know nothing sometimes speak not a word...your mute." He spoke softly but seriously. He blinked a bit. He didn't comment on the statement but he stored it.

He watched them walk away. Staring thoughtfully after them. "Its odd for the triad or the gangs to have people doing rounds at this hour. They usually wait til around 10pm or 11pm depending on area. Midnights a good time due to being the haunting hour." He said thoughtfully. Wondering if there was something over there going on. "I'll just mention these observations to Big Brother later." He decided softly.

Looking at Kelly a bit as he spoke about letting someone help him make it so there wasn't any others. "No. It is my issue and its connected to that little island you'll never find on a map. And...I would rather not be indebted to anyone. So if I was going to do that....I'd make sure I could pay them. It's why I never told Big Brother the past tense is still present tense. He'd be only too eager to go kick butt and on a fighting spree." He said after a long moment of silence. Obviously contemplating what was said. Before he shook his head. "I am used to them but if they get in your way thats different. I dont want anyone else getting hurt or dying to help me out. My only crime is being born to human parents and people. There is no need for others to get hurt when I learned to recognize them." He said after a long moment.

Smiling at Kelly brightly before he shrugged a bit. "Like i know by how you carry yourself you seem really stern and laid back but your as dangerous as Big Brother Shikon if not more so. You don't need to confirm it. The fact you move like shadows of the mists you turn into and can hold respect or friendship with big brother Shikon...states this. Most of big brothers associates are dangerous, crazy or a mixture of the two." He said with a shrug. Looking down. "I want to learn to fight..until then what I can do I will do to help. Just so you know...Big Brother felt a bit bad he lept before he looked when you came over. He'd never admit it but I could tell he felt bad for jumping the gun and speaking so harshly and rashly." He stood up and began to move again.

He looked at him. "I'm going to find Sugar. I assume you want to come along?" He asked with a playful tone. Joking a bit as he started moving again.
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Kelly Andre Sharp

Hellfire Club

PostSubject: Re: China Town Black Markets ~R~   Sat Feb 21, 2015 12:19 am

For someone who could vanish into shadows, Neo had a contrastingly bright personality. It was refreshing to listen to someone who remained optemistic despite the shit everyone goes through.

Kelly mostly shrugged at the blonde's evaluation of him. While he was right this time, Kas knew he was just being nice to Neo because he looked like a lost child. If there was anything in the world Kas would be nice to, that was the young and seemingly innocent.
Neo was also pretty smart, for having come from literally the middle of nowhere. He picked up on a lot of cues most people were missing.. but as a handicap, he didn't know many things he should.

"Shikon probably wouldn't admit to having a sucking chest wound unless you could see it.. I don't know what's going on or why he would let that Magnetman geezer move in and run his house, but you should keep a good eye on both of them.. know what I'm sayin?"

Kelly still wanted to help, if even just because he owed Shikon one for being like a brother to Eve. He was like Neo was always calling him; everyone's Big Brother. There was only so much responsibility one person alone can shoulder, though..

Kas couldn't blame him for being suspicious, though if Shikon didn't trust him anymore, there was nothing he could do for the man personally- especially if some white-haired wrinkled warmonger was trying to pose himself as a voice of reason. Magneto would probably love it if Kas and Shikon got into a fight, so he could demonstrate how a lone fool choosing his own path can lose to a 'greater purpose' and all that total bullshit.  Kelly would just have to let his actions speak for themselves.

"Sure, why not. Maybe I'll find someone asking for an asskicking." 
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Neo Lancewick

PostSubject: Re: China Town Black Markets ~R~   Sat Feb 21, 2015 12:59 am

Neo looked at him abit. "Big brother and Thana have that issue. Its a deficiency of theirs. They both think they are stronger than a speeding train and impervious to pain. As Devil Boy would say...its just a flesh wound. At least to them." he said with a laugh. He shuddered and seemed to withdraw as if to collect himself. He stared everywhere but him. "I don't like that guy. I don't trust him. I don't feel safe whenever he is around. So I hide under thana or shikons bed. I have lots of hiding places inside the brotherhood mansion. I feel safer when I don't feel exposed...if that makes sense. That man is loco enough to make crazy wolf girl look sane." He was suddenly very serious...and very much sixteen seeming.

He listened to him as he spoke his head a bit. "I can only keep an eye on big brother but his special person who stalks him everywhere...Lakai...always has an eye on him. I can't keep an eye on Thana. Her running away is another reason I have to learn to fight and be she won't be afraid to rely on me." He said after a moment.

Looking at him a bit. "I'm afraid of you and big brother because I wouldn't want you gunning for me...I'd definitely be done for. But it's not true fear just fear of the observations. I am very at ease around you and big brother...I also know you guys are people I can trust. I'm afraid of most everyone because i"ve learned trusting people get you hurt or nearly dead. Yet...I learned also since meeting Thana that some people are worth taking those risks for. So I take that risk for those who are worth taking risks. I showed you that my instincts life's honed into me, tell me you seemingly letting it slip where I was going and around when." He said with a suddenly devious nad intelligent smile before he started walking again.

Moving towards a beautifully decorated yet clearly a brothel house. Laughing a bit. "Then big brother Kelly won't have to look far. There is plenty of people who are asking for really funny if you found someone who actually asked for you to kick their ass." He said with a joking tone but there was something about his tone that said he'd seen it before.
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Kelly Andre Sharp

Hellfire Club

PostSubject: Re: China Town Black Markets ~R~   Tue Feb 24, 2015 11:38 pm

Now who could make Lakai look sane? Kas had to wonder, though as Neo kept talking, he frowned a little. He knew Legolas had dropped the hint on where he was going, and Kelly picked it up. It was a small step of trust in itself.. and as Neo put it, some were worth taking risks for.
Was he, though? Could he really keep anyone else safe?
No. That was the answer Kelly came up with.
He couldn't take that kind of responsibility again, especially with another innocent life.

As Neo mentioned his statement about finding someone who wanted their ass kicked, Kelly smiled a little bit.
"Best. Day. Ever." 
that faded quickly though.
"If a fight does happen, just do that thing you do so well. Hide, keep your eyes open."
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Neo Lancewick

PostSubject: Re: China Town Black Markets ~R~   Wed Feb 25, 2015 12:17 am

Neo thought Lakai was sane compared to Magneto but wasn't going to specify. He never liked that man anytime he saw him on the streets. He hated that the man came back. Even if Big Brother Shikon, crazy wolf girl lakai and Magneto were equals and big brother had more pull...he wished that old guy would stay gone but he didn't say anything. Just ignored him and only acknowledged Shikon in meetings. He shook his head a bit. "Stop thinking so much you look like someones draining your blood out of you with a needle and a suction pump." he said as they walked into the brothel. With himself in the lead. Looking at him and laughed. "Then you are in for a very good evening in this place." he said with an almost cheshire cat grin for a moment. He stopped walking even as one of the girls recognized him and ran off to get Sugar.

He turned to face Kas as he said the if a fight happens comment. His expression was very much oh hell didna just say that to me. Did you? He pursed his lips a moment as if contemplating the best phrasing of this before looking up at Kelly with a dead serious gaze. "No. Ever since Thana ran away I put lots of time into training to better be a defensive, protective and assistive fighter. Even if I still can't fight offensively unless others are involved...I won't just hide and keep my eyes open. I WILL help you out. I WILL provide back up. Whether or not you want it isn't really a factor in this. If I hide its to get a better advantage point to provide optimal assistance. I will not be a liability to anyone in a fight anymore." He said with a kind yet firm tone that indicated he was not budging on this.

Then he smiled at him. "Alright? We on the same page? I hope so Kas. I am your ally right now and this is my mission so I will hold up my share of the weight and then some. I won't be a liability and you won't regret hanging out with me tonight. Kay? Now here comes sugar." He said with a smile. As he spoke a woman approached and he got hugged into her. Hugging her back.

Sugar was rightly stripper or hooker named. She was a curvy and busty woman whose hair was blond with streaks of red at the bangs and whose features were decorated with sparkling lotion from head toe so that she really looked like a sexy sugar woman came over and hugged Neo. "Hey there cutie pie. What do you need? Clothes? Whose your friend?" She asked but the gaze she gave stated she knew damn well who this man was because her eyes though protective over Neo held nothing but fear and respect for Kas. Giving Kas the once over before looking at Neo.

Neo smiled at Sugar. "Come now Sugar. You know you don't need to know that. He is good he with me and no he isn't looking for ladies company tonight. We here for business not pleasure." He said with a sweet smile that belied how easily he was handling this situation.

Sugar listened a bit. Giggling a bit. "Sweetie we always enjoy helping you with a new outfit and with you its never such a silly thing. Understood. Any friend of yours is a friend of ours." She said but her eyes never left Kas with a wary and uneasy gaze filled with pure respect for the only one who people could in the past called the ruler of the streets.

Neo pulled free of Sugar. "Top hop I sop I sop Kop A Sop. Hop e i sop hop e lop pop i nop gop mop e wop i top hop a pop e rop sop o nop a lop mop i sop sop o nop I hop a vop e wop i top hop top hop e Mop i sop top rop e sop sop Sop lop i cop e rop top hop e gop o o dop sop wop o mop a nop. I nop e e dop a nop e wop lop o o kop a nop dop gop u i sop e. Gop o o dop fop o rop mop yop a lop lop yop i nop cop a sop e I nop e e dop top o cop hop a nop gop e top o pop lop a nop Bop." He said to her in the code language he taught the woman whose mind couldn't be broken or read.
(translation: This is KAS. He is helping me with a personal mission i have with the Mistress Slicer the goods woman. I need a new look and guise. Goods for my ally in case I need to change to plan b.)

Sugar looked at him and then  to Kas. "A lop rop i gop hop top. Lop e top sop gop o i nop top o top hop e bop a cop kop." She said. Indicating for them to follow her.

(translation: Alright then. Let's go into the back)

Neo fist pumped the air. "Thanks Sugar! You're the best." He said.  Hugging her then looked at Kas. "Let's go with Sugar. She gonna give me a makeover and help us out in case plan A don't work out. Means I'll have to change to plan b. You'll like plan b." he said with a hehe expression. Following Sugar as she led the way and looked over his shoulder to see if Kas was following.
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Kelly Andre Sharp

Hellfire Club

PostSubject: Re: China Town Black Markets ~R~   Wed Feb 25, 2015 2:46 am

All Kas could do as Neo told him to stop thinking too much was shrug. 
Neo gave him a very serious look, and shot him down, declaring this as his responsibility for which he wanted to pull his share. As the blonde asked him whether they were on the same page, he nodded, giving in. He couldn't convince the kid, so what else could he do?

Following along silently, he went into the house of all things illegal with a certain casual aire. Part of him was surprised he hadn't been here before- or didn't remember it.
The sparkly lady, obviously Sugar, turned little of Kelly's attention away from observing their surroundings. At least, until she gave him a certain look of recognition.
He paid attention to the conversation, even when it shifted into some code-speak. By the time Neo and Sugar were hugging again and walking away into the back room, Kas thought he could pick out a few words of what they meant, but he wasn't entirely sure of the rules they were using to break everything up.

"As long as there's no makeover in it for me.." he said with a little smirk.
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Neo Lancewick

PostSubject: Re: China Town Black Markets ~R~   Wed Feb 25, 2015 2:58 am

Neo looked at Kas or Kelly as he knew him and smiled. Glad that Kelly gave in. He really didn't think he could win if Kelly had decided to argue against it. He was very aware of the older males stronger and more dominating alpha male nature. Compared to that he could only hold his own for a while and with the age difference he was sure they had...he'd ultimately lose. He was glad he won the battle. Swiftly and deftly...but he doubted if he hadn't thrown Kelly into such a loop he could've won. The guy could probably out stubborn a mule if he put his mind to it.

He followed Sugar and looked at Kas. "You'll need to tell Sugar what kind of goodies and treats you use or will need. We're going into the belly of the beast so to speak. Madame Slicer has the Henbane seeds." he said in a soft voice to Kelly as they entered the room that was frequently searched for bugs which Sugar proceeded to do. "Like um...firepower or knives?" he said after a moment. He looked at Kas and laughed a bit. "Nope. No makeover for you Kas." He said and looked at Sugar.

Sugar looked at Neo. "Cutie pie I need to get my makeup kit and a new outfit for you. What kind of look you going for?"

Neo thought for a moment. "Its Madame Slicer. Best to make me a girl I don't want to play dodge the goons like last time. It is safer to go as a lady unless your bulky manly men types with Madame Slicer. She doesn't deal in lady flesh or manly men. Just the 'pretty boy' types...whatever that is. So doll me up alright?" he said with a bright smile.

Sugar made a face and said something less than pleasant before she giggle. "Alright Neo. I'll be back in a few minutes." Looking at Kas. "Make sure you give me a goodie bag list when I return. Alright sir?" She said as she left out and shut the door.

Neo looked at Kas a bit and smiled. Continuing with his information giving. "Madame Slicer's the lady of one of the triad bosses. So things could get tricky and buying the seeds may turn out to not be an option. In that case I already have a backup plan." He said then fell silent.
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Kelly Andre Sharp

Hellfire Club

PostSubject: Re: China Town Black Markets ~R~   Wed Feb 25, 2015 4:58 am

Accepting Neo's terms was more of unwillingness to argue with the kid than anything. He would simply have to make his good intentions known if something bad happened. In war, there is no room for sentamentality.. and the streets were filled with warring these days.

Neo and Sugar went back and forth on what kind of 'disguise' Neo was going to wear in. Legolas stated the particular person they were going to deal with was about pretty boys, though he said it like he didn't know what he was talking about. Kelly couldn't help but at let out a snikker that point, but he still didn't say anything. 

"Not 'Sir'. Kas." he told the lady as she left, and started to think of what he might need to get the job done.
"Slicer... sounds familiar." Kelly murmured as Legolas told him a peice of what to expect.
"I think I'll like plan B." as Neo had said.
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Neo Lancewick

PostSubject: Re: China Town Black Markets ~R~   Wed Feb 25, 2015 5:19 am (neo before)

Neo was looking at Kelly as Sugar walked off. His lower lip was lightly moved by his teeth. Thoughtfully. He had given Kelly information but he wasn't sure how much information Kelly needed to know, what he wouldn't need to know, or what he might need to know. He normally did things he did just to make it through the nights or days on the streets. This was the first time he had a to speak. He looked at Kas a bit. "You won't have to worry. Your not her type. Which is weird because her boyfriends built more burly than I ever could be yet not as much as yourself. Plus she likes them young but her man is older than you at least by appearance. So you shouldn't have anything to worry about." He said with a soft smile.

Looking at him as he spoke. He put a finger to his lips. "Well...she does a lot of things. Body disposal is one of them but you probably know a lot about that. You offered to end the assassian issue earlier." he said with a laugh. He stopped a moment. "I'm honeslty not sure what information you need to know kelly. Or don't need to know. This is my first time working a 'job' or 'mission' as Thana calls it. Especially with someone else who has lots of field experience." He said with a sheepish laugh.

He looked as Sugar and a couple other girls came in. They began to help Neo out of his clothes. Despite the fact he had a shower Sugar said they were gonna give him a quick scrub down. They took off his sweater, his hoodie, his shirt under that. Revealing the willowy and curvy figure. Taking his pants off and quickly rubbed him down. Then began to slip him into skinny jeans and help him into the rest of the outfit. While the other girls helped with the outfit, most times obstructing Kelly's view, Sugar was brushing out his hair. Neo just sat very still this entire time. He didn't move or react.

About twenty minutes later one of the girls were adding the finishing touches to styling and makeup. The other two left and Sugar walked over to kelly. "Alright so what goodies need I bring you Kas?" She said. Neo stood up and stretched. Turning around and walked over towards Kas. His scent was a floral one. Like lavender and cherry blossoms just faintly there and naturally so. It might be due to his powers but who knows. Looking at Kelly. "You don't even know what plan b is yet." He said with a slight giggle. after)
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Kelly Andre Sharp

Hellfire Club

PostSubject: Re: China Town Black Markets ~R~   Thu Feb 26, 2015 7:40 am

"Worried? The only thing I'm worried about is you gettin eaten alive in there."
Kas watched the three girls come in and begin the transformation, though he only paid a few glances after that, making a list of possibily needed things.

"What ever gave you that idea?" The confession that this was his first time doing anything that qualified as a mission would draw a little sigh from Kelly. He really didn't want to see the kid get hurt. He felt a certain sense of respect for Neo, wanting to do this despite his inexperiance. At least he had the forethought to invite Kas along, though he could only hope that the kid's faith wasn't misplaced.

"I know everything I need to know.. can't say the same of you."

He let the conversation die while Sugar and her sisters got Neo all prettied up. well.. prettier.
Once Sugar walked over and asked him what she might need to get for this errand, Kas put it very simply.

"Four pistols, 40 cal and up.. don't bring me none of that 9 mil preschool shit."

Neo stood and approached, and Kas had to do a double-take.
"Dayum. If I didn't know better...
Ah hah ha, anyway.. yes. Plan B. I'm guessing if your good looks can't get you what you're after, we're just going to take it, yeah?"
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Neo Lancewick

PostSubject: Re: China Town Black Markets ~R~   Thu Feb 26, 2015 5:15 pm

Neo looked at Kas a bit. "Kas?" He said to get his attention. "I never stayed in a house or a building with a roof since I was five. Outside of the times Thana dragged me to her place or when at the mansion...I'm more used to the dog eat dog or the street backs the street world. So survival on the streets is a lot easier to me than surivival in a house. So please don't worry so much." He said in a kind yet sincere tone. Hoping that would elevate some of Kelly's worry about his ability to be alright and survive. As he had lived through harsh winters and times of starvation. Lived, survived and thrived to some extent on the streets where many became stuck on drugs, dead, or in gangs.

Smiling warmly at Kas. He continued. "I'm not a sheltered teen from the world of the lower class up...I'm a kid whose entire life was spent taking care of myself and growing up in the harsh real world that is sugar coated by societies views." He walked over to him as soon as he was finished with being given his transformation from the girls. Sugar nodded her head and smirked. "Semi-automatic? Automatic or just a handful of .40, 50 caliber pistols?" She asked. "Extra ammo or no?" She looked at Neo and went to offer then saw that face. "Right cutie weapons for you." She stopped at the door when Neo called.

Neo looked at her. "No weapons least not unless we gotta come back for plan b. Then I need some of Tony's toys." He said with a serious tone. Looking back at Kas. "Maybe...maybe not but with or without you my plan would have remained the same. Plan A and Plan B." He said with a shrug. He tilted his head slightly and place a finger to his lips thoughtfully. He thought over how to answer and hopefully not cause Kas any unease or discomfort. He smiled at him a bit. "First I want to say I'm really glad you came. Means I can get to know Big Brother Kelly better. It also means I can learn from someone who has fought alongside big brother Shikon too." He admitted.

Sugar acted like she heard nothing and left to get Kas's goodies.

After a moment, and Sugar's leaving fully the room, he returned to the question Kelly had asked. "What gave me the idea that you hold lots of experience in the field is many layered. There is the fact that Kas carries himself like a military man. Thana holds herself like a stern military soldier and Kas when deep in though holds himself the same way. Your stand still stance is also like big brother who was once a very active assassian or when he helped me out and I had my first time ever being offensive in any way with my gifts in Central Park.

Yet there is also the comparision to Thana's twin, Devil Boy, who holds himself like a rebel and you hold yourself very rebel like when at ease like now. Either way the complilation of the evidence states that appearances can't be mimicked they are learned. I learned to mimic certain things until I mastered them. Kas you have an air of confidence whenever we hold this conversation and are very liesurely that it would be more shocking if you had no field experience. Than if you do. That's part of the layers of my conclusion on you."
He leaned back on his palms before he looked around.

Smiling as he took a breath and a gave Kas a moment to absorb all of that. Still slowly making his way over when he remembered his items and went back to the clothes. Kneeling down and grabbed the hoodie up with the items in it and came back over to Kas, prior to Kas noticing his makeover look, and looked at the chairs to decide where to sit. He retrieved a few items from the hoodie he'd picked up earlier. These items being the small pouch with the roll of money in it, from his other outfit and the keys that belonged to Shikon. Slipping them into the pockets on his clothing. His beaded pouch bag still around his neck.

He rubbed his arms. "Another reason is if you hadn't had field experience in some way or other or experience surviving on the'd have missed the slip of the tongue I threw out in the midst of all the other talk." He said with a bright smile. Falling silent for a few moments and thinking. It could be better said he had the look of someone who was replaying the events. He was all of them but especially involving Madame Slicer.

Looking back at Kas as he double taked and spoke again. He felt quite flattered since coming from Kas who he could tell was into the ladies if anything...that was a compliment. Not that he cared either way but it did mean more than a bunch of jewels. Kas's comments afterwards caused him to giggle then let out a really pretty laugh. His smile lit up his face and add a lively shimmering to his eyes. Flushing across the cheeks. "That was an amusing and unexpected reaction." He said in a shy and momentarily flustered tone. He quickly regained composure and kept his voice angelically beautiful with no definement of masculinity or feminity for the moment. "Thank you though. I will take your opinion. I don't think much on the subject." He said with a soft and shy tone.

Yet it was genuinely grateful for the kind words. "Guess I don't have to ask the how do I look comment ladies make since you beat me to the punch. Right?" he said in a playful and obviously joking way. He tossed the hoodie now empty of all contents, back to the other clothes. The girls would bag it up for him later when they came back. He was certain that Plan A would fail and Plan B would be initiated. His actions were speaking this.

He shrugged a bit and moved his arms up and out to the sides. Hands and arms doing the well what can you do hand motions. Smiling a brilliant yet almost goofily playful smile before giggling again. "See? More proof that I'm right you have lots of field experience. Or at the very least at some point you were part of the military. Not the popo or M.R.D. but the actual military who have the really hot outfits. Anyways thats more proof of it as you already thought of the most logical alternate plan." He got up and moved so he was sitting diagonally from Kas. Crossing his legs as he'd watched girls do. One laying over the other. Tilting his head again to tilt to the opposite side a bit before straightening it up again. His expression gentle yet serious again.

His eyes holding a jump to maturity that in this entire conversation had gone through different stages but none of it seemed to take away the natural air of innocence he had over all. In some areas he was and in others he wasn't. "Although I wasn't exactly going with the good looks. That never crossed my mind. You are on the right track. I do intend as Plan B to take the seeds but...after that. I intend to do more. It will probably sound a bit petty...or childish." He said with a soft tone. Pulling one of the retrieved items from the hoodie and he showed the plain leather money bag.

Holding it out to Kas. As he explained what was in it. "Inside is several months of 'allowance' that sister Thana has given me. Along with any cash Big Brother has given me. Considering that sister Thana tends to give me every week a couple green pieces of paper she says are 'hundred dollar bills' and I never use them with just the amount she has given me I have calculated that I have at least $10,500 in here just from the past few months money. I am unsure how much I really have considering that big brother Shikon's given some money also. I really don't think much on material needs. Thana told me that I need money but most times I had any change it or money it went to getting a meal to eat." He handed Kas the money pouch in case he was wanting or would be willing to count the cash. It was actually closer to 18,000 dollars give or take some change but Neo had said he was guessing.

He shrugged then he continued as this was leading into the plan A. "Plan A is as you said...I was going to try to buy the henbane seeds off Madame Slicer. I came here knowing though that Plan A will fail with a slight chance I'm wrong. So I already had a Plan B because if she won't let me buy it then we're going to wait here til nightfall and take it. That isn't all there is to it though. Since you already guessed the biggest part I suppose this is where I tell you my whole plan B? Since I think you'll like it since you really hope someone will ask for their butt kicked and all of that jazz." He said with a semi-serious grin and a slight laugh. He then fell silent and waited.
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Kelly Andre Sharp

Hellfire Club

PostSubject: Re: China Town Black Markets ~R~   Sat Feb 28, 2015 12:47 pm

Kas listened passively to the explainations, conclusions drawn, and planning thought out by Neo. Where he learned his stealth and surivial skills did not leave any doubt that if Neo wanted to, he could be lethal. Kelly even smirked a little as Central Park was mentioned. Believe it or not, he'd heard a rumor about that. 

"Military experience is one way of putting it.. Listen, if you really want to know I'll tell ya once all this shit is over."
he assured while taking the fat stack of bills, counting it since he couldn't guess how much was there or whether Neo would have it right. The blonde seemed so unconcerned over worldly riches that he probably couldn't care less to learn the difference between '1' and '100'.

The kid offered to finally tell him the whole plan, and Kas sat back to take out a cigarette, though like before he wasn't lighting it.
"So.. whatever you're planning, petty or not, I'm sure this Slicer bitch has it coming."
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Neo Lancewick

PostSubject: Re: China Town Black Markets ~R~   Sat Feb 28, 2015 7:16 pm

Neo learned so much not having a normal childhood. While it stunted or caused weaknesses in some helped him grow stronger in others. He didn't have the benefit of being protected. He had to learn to survive on the streets. To have the will to endure cold summers. Even when he stayed with Kakania the few years they were together it was a tepee in the wild...not a cozy house. He could see the stars out of the top of the tepee on most nights. Then he got better in other areas watching those who had come into his life. Most of what he learned...he learned to survive and to be able to not come to harm. Streets taught him a lot of things. Along with having to evade trained assassians trying to kill you...until the past year or so he'd thought that was over. Now and again someone showed so maybe...his parents would stop hiring people to kill him.

Shaking his head he looked at Kelly as he smirked. Tilting his head to the side. "Only if you want to share. Maybe when its over we'll both have a new best friend." He said with a laugh. Though he was partily serious. He leaned back into the seat. Legs still crossed. Watching Kelly counting the money as Sugar came back with a bag of things for Kas. Handing it over to the man then looked to Neo asking with her eyes if they needed anything else at the moment. Neo shook his head. "Yop o u cop a nop lop e a vop e u sop fop o rop a bop i top Sop u gop a rop. I kop nop o wop yop o u gop o top wop o rop kop top o dop o." He smiled warmly as Sugar nodded and left for now.

(translation: You can leave us for a bit Sugar. I know you got work to do.)

Looking back at Kas he listened to him as the man spoke. Smiling but it wasn't the sweet and adorable smile Neo normally had. was more equatable to that of a native american who you capture but was already wriggling free and had a plan to scalp you. With a dash of Neo's natural gentler air which didn't disolve it. Moving forwards his elbows rested on his crossed knees. His chin resting on his hands that were folded over fingers interlinked. Closing his eyes a moment he felt like it was alright to tell Kas. Tell him as it played into this whole thing. He couldn't shake the boiling blood feeling he had right now. His eyes opened slowly in a way that showed off the naturally long lashes.

He didn't say anything for a moment and when he spoke his voice was focused to hold a very sexy, beautiful and almost angelic yet sultry female's tone. "She stole something from me that money can't buy and nobody can easily replace. She tried to capture me and when I evaded her goons she set domino's in place that led to the death of Kakania and her tribe. The humans who had taken care of me and helped me learn their ways...even living on the streets or in the wild I was always welcome there. Kakania died fighting to protect me and allow me to escape. She forced me to leave her until it was over. I don't remember what happened after that...but what I remember next is holding Kakania in my arms as she died. I remember her last words. Begging her not to leave me. Watching the life fade out of her eyes...even hearing her last request through shattered breaths and pleading with her to be okay."

Neo fell silent for a moment before the fiery look in his eyes met Kas's own. "Kakania was more than just my childhood best friend...she was the one person I have ever loved on a very romantic and personal level. I later found out that Madame Slicer is the one who issued that hit on Kakania...all because I escaped...and for a stupid reason of my chosing Kakania over her. Kakania was beautiful...a living native american yeah...she does. Madame Slicer has it coming to her and she should just be glad I'm not like Thana or Shikon...or it wouldn't be just her precious buildings or supplies that I'll be taking from her."

He sighed a moment and flushed. "I'm saying its petty because I've never wanted to get revenge on someone. get revenge because of some girl you loved with every part of your being...its petty right? Until I met Thana and Shikon and started to come out of my shell...I never had thoughts like these. I never felt my blood boil when I think of somethings. Its petty right? Such feelings yet...before I felt safe and opened up because of my makeshift family...I'd never thought such things. I met people like Christopher and others...who furthered my belief that I wanted to get stronger to best help those I care about. So they wouldn't have to worry. I started secretly training in the training room after Thana left...I will become a worthy ally for my friends and family...even if I can't do offensive well if others I fight with aren't there...I'll be the strongest assistive, protective, defensive fighter ever." He said and asked softly.

Taking a breath and went into plan b for Kas. "Plan B is waiting til nightfall. Tony is a mobster whose wrapped around Sugar's little finger. He deals in things like explosives and illegal firearms. When Plan A fails and we go to steal the henbane...we'll take anything of use to the brotherhood and you can take whatever you find useful...then we'll be blowing her biggest supply building sky high...burn to the ground more than several years worth of acquisitions. I'll get my hensbane...and revenge. This reckless Plan something I didn't share with big brother Shikon because...its honestly my fight and I planned to do this same plan even if you hadn't come Kas. Its just going to be a bit more fun and have a much higher success rate since you did." he fell silent to allow this to sink in.

Sitting back and relaxed into a more natural position for him the Neo he normally was...was back again. "Plus you can win brownie points with big brother Shikon. Since I get home safely and in one piece. I get the hensbane and other stuff that will be useful for those in the Brotherhood mansion. Kakania gets avenged. Everyone wins even those not here at the moment. Win-win. Right?" He smiled one of his normal sweet and bright smiles at the man. He relaxed and as if he hadn't just gone into an extremely mature version of himself giggled a bit. "So that is all of Plan B and a bit of backstory...anything else you need to know before we head out to go buy Hensbane? I already got a cover story for us both. Why don't you light the smoke stick you keep putting in your mouth?" He said with a smile then randomly asked as his mind jumped thoughts for a moment. His voice the genderless and angelic beuatiful voice once more.
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Kelly Andre Sharp

Hellfire Club

PostSubject: Re: China Town Black Markets ~R~   Sat Feb 28, 2015 9:40 pm

Neo mentioned that perhaps once this was over, they could consider each other friends, and Kelly smiled sincerely for the first time since they'd met, for just a moment.

He honestly didn't have many friends anymore, which was no fault other than letting them all slip away while he tried to deny his own nature and be something he wasn't cut out for. Kelly was generally easy to get along with, especially to those that deviated from mainstream ideals. Neo was one such person. His appearance, being very fae-like and genderless, didn't unsettle Kas in the least. He was the one who helped band together the misfits of Freak-side in Vegas, accepting each one for their uniqueness and individuality, treating them as equals. That chance was all they needed, and things took off from there.

He was all ears as Neo told his supposedly petty reasons for wanting to do what they were on a mission for, as well as the plan which he had more than half guessed on his own. The indication that they'd be giving Slicer an explosive surprise turned the brunette's serious look into a smirk.

"I don't know about Shikon taking a liking to this idea, but at least you've got a guarantee of getting back to La Casa de Los Hermanos in one piece. I think you've got good justifications for what you're doing.. and I can help you with learning how to be the guardian angel that you're wanting to become."
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Neo Lancewick

PostSubject: Re: China Town Black Markets ~R~   Sun Mar 01, 2015 5:52 am

Neo looked at Kas as he leaned back. Relaxing before he stood up. "Well its time. You finish counting the cash? We have two options. You can be bodyguard or you can be the 'date'. Which you wanna be?" He asked with a smile. "Don't forget your bag of goodies Sugar gave you." He said. Heading towards the door of the room. Looking at him a bit. Smiling a bit. "I guess. I appreciate that Kas. Guardian Angel huh? I wonder what they'd say to such a comment. Guess we'll find out later right?" he said with a bright smile. He waited for him to follow and decide his role in the charade of Plan A.
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Kelly Andre Sharp

Hellfire Club

PostSubject: Re: China Town Black Markets ~R~   Sun Mar 01, 2015 9:12 am

"No lighter." he chuckled "For some reason, I can't figure it out, certain stuff doesn't go with me when I use my incorpereal form. Plastic and metal mostly. Sucks, cus I can't take my phone, my guns, my keys.. For a while when the whole thing was new I ended up missing clothes if I had those things in my pockets."

Checking out what was in the aforementioned bag Sugar had placed in front of him, Kas stood from his chair with a smirk. He tucked two pistols into the back of his waistband, hiding them under his jacket. The other two went into the jacket, of which the lining was torn and re-stitched so that he could carry things much larger than the pockets.
"I think I'd better opt for the first one.. considering it's what I have experiance with."

Kas thought the idea of posing as Neo's date would be funny, though it could complicate matters. He needed to seem impartial, and that is what a bodyguard was. Making Madame Slicer jealous or suspicious of them was not beneficial to their plan.
Not to mention, the only person he ever really went on a 'date' with was Evelyn.

"Guess so. I can't say if they'll be pissed or proud, but you've got a good intuition, and if you feel like you gotta do something, I'd say do it!" 
The other Brotherhood members who seemed more powerful than Neo might look down on him for doing something so risky, but screw them. Taking risks was generally necessary in testing and improving oneself.
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Neo Lancewick

PostSubject: Re: China Town Black Markets ~R~   Sun Mar 01, 2015 5:40 pm

Neo listened as he spoke. Watching the other grab his stuff and held onto the door handle. The other had the money so while the man was busy looking at stuff he quickly slipped the money and the pouch free. Taking them both and put the money back. Nodding his head a bit. "Best option but even if its my mission you should still have say since you're participating in it." he said softly. Slipping the money pouch into the pants pockets. He tilted his head a bit and looked down. "I dunno...they are really encouraging and big brother's always been supportive and kind to me. Helped me alongside Thana. I think he might be more upset I didn't tell him but he has enough to worry about right now. And...I need to do my part and pull my weight." He said softly.

Smiling a bit. "It'll be alright. I think they'll be both and shocked worried relieved amongst other things but I'll be alright...I'm sure of it." he said with a smile. Taking the beaded pouch bag and slipped it into the pocket opposite the one with the other stuff. As soon as Kas was ready he opened the door and headed out. Looking at kas and spoke in a low voice. "I'll teach you the code later. With that issue you mentioned...have you ever had loss of skin or was it just fabric? Metal and plastic stuff?" he asked curiously. His mind was thinking and had a thought but he needed to know if he'd ever lost skin along with other stuff. He had a thought and a curiousity and he might be right but it might need rethinking if kas had lost skin during the early on stages like he had pockets or things of his clothing.
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Kelly Andre Sharp

Hellfire Club

PostSubject: Re: China Town Black Markets ~R~   Tue Mar 10, 2015 10:36 pm

"Nope.. nothing like that." he thought over the rough spots of learning how to demolecularize oneself, and then put everything back together again.

"I did get the off-switch stuck a few times, though." 
Now that he was thinking about it, it was really the first time anybody asked about the physics in relation to his second ability. Kelly was only moderately confident he had it all figured out, and devised several potential kinds of strategies for utilizing the unpredictable power with his already trained and tested skills.

For instance, mist form couldn't touch anything or be harmed- except by a few obscure weaknesses.. so it was a nice defensive ability, but had little to do with offense. 
Of course, he was only thinking about all of this rather than saying anything yet.
They would walk on quietly for a while before he spoke up again.

"Since you want to learn how to fight defensively, then we'll roll with that.. If anybody decides to make this shopping trip fun."
Still on about getting into a brawl with someone, it was his own version of Fight Club. Except there were only the first two rules, and the members were: any loser that tried to give him shit, and Kelly.
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China Town Black Markets ~R~
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