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Mutants are not the ones mankind should fear. - Dr. Jean Gray
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Many years ago Xavier's school for gifted mutants was attacked. It was left in ruin. Teachers and students abandoned it with no hope of returning to it for sanctuary...

Years later a professor named Jason Andrews returned life to the school's halls and rebuilt its walls. Students have once again come to learn at the school in safety.

Many other mutants aren't quite so lucky. Some still remain hidden in the shadows and some within factions like the brotherhood are left leaderless.
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Loika Faelith

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 beauty is scars deep (R)

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Isaac Petkov
Isaac Petkov

PostSubject: Re: beauty is scars deep (R)   Sat Apr 25, 2015 4:53 am

Isaac and his troops stood ready in the court yard waiting for Seth and his friends to come out and be captured once again. However that seemed not to be going the way he planned. What was taking them so long. ”I need cameras on the corridor” he shouted over his ear piece. Computer techies went to work accessing the cameras and delivering the bad news to their director. ”A fucken teleporter!” he growled as he was shown footage of JJ teleporting Ari and Chris out. ”Damn it Damn it DAMN IT!!!” he shouted clenching his fists in rage. He had not worked this hard, sacrificed so much to have two mutants disappear because of some teenage girl that could teleport where her bitch ass pleased. ”Activate the EM shield. If she wants to teleport in and out she is going to have a very difficult time.” he growled over his headset as the techies activated the EM shield. Prototype technology made to inhibit teleporters, making so they couldn’t teleport in and if they tried to teleport out it would lead to injury or death and right now Isaac didn’t care if some tween died. He wanted vengeance, he wanted blood.
Seth ran out and the sentinel suddenly turned and faced him. ”Mutant detected. Major Seth  Knowles, powers unknown.” the sentinel said in a robotic voice as it readied a blast at Seth. Isaac let out a growl as he looked at Seth grin at him. He knew something was up with him all along. The bureaucratic bull shit from D.C. was the reason he was still around. ”I knew there was something wrong with your entire family.” he snarled at Seth taking a step forward as the few captured soldiers that came with Seth were brought into the court yard. ”History is written by the victor. I already forwarded my protest to you being here to the Chiefs of Staff. Do not be so sure of yourself. Only the bare minimum will know what occurred here. Do not take me for a fool. ” he said taking his pistol and shooting the captured soldiers that came with Seth dead in cold blood before holstering his gun. ”There will always be allied casualties in war. You brought their deaths upon them by betraying our nation.” he said taking a step forward. ”I cannot wait to see what your curse is. Perhaps it will be useful. At least I can use your DNA to complete my quest. I will make sure your brother perishes next time our paths cross. ” he said before he put his finger to his ear piece. ”Sentinel stun the major. Join the troops outside the wall and find where the teleporter has taken my quarry. Rip the city apart if you must. Leave no known mutant residence or gathering place untouched. Prepare for an assault on the main brotherhood hq and the Xavier school. It is time they learned not to interfere with my plans.”  he ordered before the sentinel fired a stun blast at Seth. Isaac walked over and kicked the unconscious man numerous times in the gut before he put handcuffs on him and a restraining collar. He was not letting Seth escape like his brother. 
Meanwhile with Ari and everyone else outside….

The guards quickly approached the now smoldering truck and look at it’s interior. ”Now one is here.” they said over their comms before a voice came through. ”Lock and load boys we are dealing with a teleporter.” the lead guard said as he switched the ammunition in his gun.  They began to spread out and the lead guard and four men turn when they hear JJ teleport with Ari and disappear before she returned with Chris. ”The fugitives have been spotted outside the wall. Opening fire!” the lead guard shouts as they all open fire on Chris, Ari, and Jake.
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Jenica Andrews
Jenica Andrews


PostSubject: Re: beauty is scars deep (R)   Sun Apr 26, 2015 3:37 am

JJ caught her breath and teleported outside next to seth. She looked up at the sentinels and make a wow face. " Oh boi we are not in Kansas anymore totes. You stay here and look pretty." She said to Seth and then poofed.

She appeared on top of the stationary sentinel and pointed to the one in the sky. " Its a bird its a plane is holy shit we fuck nuggeted!" She teleported out of the way as the sentinel swatted at her to get her off of  it's head. She teleported to the one flying in and rode on it like the world's worst pony ride. She grinned like an idiot while the wheels in her head were a turning. She waited until the last second when the one on the ground fired at her. She teleported out of the way just in time. The blast knocked out the electrical system and it landed on top of the one on the ground like the some freaky robot porn. Both were down temporarily.

She appeared next to Isaac with her arm around his shoulder like they were buds. " You got a pretty sweet operation here kimosabe. Kudos to you. Thanks for puttin up with my friends. Keep the change!" She put a ten dollar bill in his suit front pocket and patted his cheek then gave his cheek a kiss. " I BID YOU ADURE." She spun away from him, wiggled her butt, and tried to teleport out.

She looked confused when she hit resistance. " Ohhh snap this isnt good. No bueno." She tried again and the same thing. She looked a little worried. " Oh oh i got it." She tried as hard as she could. It felt like the time she had to squeeze through some rubble to get to some suweet cants of fruit. Except she was teleporting through a tight spot. It took a little work but she got out and appeared next to Ari. " Alright pikachu use lightning bolt!" She yelled at Chris.
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Christopher Knowles
Christopher Knowles


PostSubject: Re: beauty is scars deep (R)   Sun Apr 26, 2015 5:27 pm

Chris collapsed to the ground after being teleported away from the facility, surprised that he'd managed to stand upright for as long as he had. Pain, anger, confusion, and worry were all that filled his head and he couldn't help but want to go back for his brother despite knowing it impossible. Rather than stand to his feet, he laid there for a few moments reflecting on Seth's words to him and inwardly beating himself up for being so wrong about him for years and hoped there would be time for the two of them to make it up to one another and be a family again.

When JJ came back and told him to use his power, Chris shook his head and responded in a near whisper, "No..." He pulled himself painfully to a sitting position then to his feet looking around at the others, moving over to Ari. "I won't risk killing my brother. He stayed back to save us... we leave - this is a fight for another day. Besides... the others need to know about this and Ari needs to get looked at. So, no... let's just go."

(I'm going to go ahead and have Seth get captured. He doesn't have any combat abilities so he's not gonna put up a fight)
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Jake Taylor
Jake Taylor


PostSubject: Re: beauty is scars deep (R)   Sun Apr 26, 2015 5:52 pm

Jake followed the sounds of the men shouting, the guns shooting, and the complete dang chaos. It wasnt difficult to find his friends. They all looked like hell including Jj. The little group was huddled against a car with mrd closing in. 

He positioned himself behind the men. Hopefully his hands wouldn't screw this up again. He placed his hands on the ground and shouted, "Suuuuup bitcheeeesss!" Like triumph the comic dog. When they turned around his hands glowed and the asphalt underneath them rolled up over them like a giant rug. Their screams were short lived. A loud squish cut it all off. 

He rushed over to the others and yelled at chris. "Way to almost let your friends and pregnant girlfriend die!" He used his power to open the lock on the car they were all hiding against. They wouldn't have long. He lifted hells bells into the backseat. She looked bad. He tried not to think of natilee. Next he helped  jj up front. 

"Get in and keep an eye on hells bells. I need to concentrate." He said to chris then went around to the driver side. He went to work hot wiring the compact car.It didn't take him long. He drove for the school as soon as everyone was in and doors were shut. 
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Isaac Petkov
Isaac Petkov

PostSubject: Re: beauty is scars deep (R)   Mon Apr 27, 2015 4:37 am

Isaac stood next to Seth glaring at the traitorous weed that the government let into his facility. He would not make the same mistake again at any cost. Suddenly the sentinel that was there started to detect another mutant and Isaac looked to the sky seeing the other sentinel flying in with a blonde girl on it’s back. He clenched his fists in rage. It was her…it had to be her…the bitch that killed his family.  The sentinel on the ground fired on the one in the air and both crashed into each other as Isaac let out a growl. They weren’t damaged beyond repair but they were out of the game for a minute or two. The girl had the audacity to come up to him put money in his pocket. ”You think you have out smarted me child. You are mistaken. I will have vengeance for my family. ” he said in a cold voice as the girl tried to teleport away. A grin came to his face as the guards started to surround her but she was able to slip through the em sheild. ”Damn it, damn it, damn it!!!” he shouted before he punched Seth in the face. ”Lock this one up. Let the government know that he was incinerated by his brother. Put warrants for arrest for all of those we have pictures of, especially the blonde girl. I will interrogate her personally.” he said nodding at his guards before they dragged seth and his dead companions down into the depths.  A message came over his head set telling him of the deaths of the gaurds outside the facility. ”Let them run…we will find them and their nest soon enough.” he said with a grin as he walked back into the facility.
Meanwhile by the exploded truck….
The guards opened fired. The lead guard took his pistol and shot it at the mutants but his bullet hit the car they used as protection with an odd metallic thud.  They started to move forward bullets flying before the ground moved and they were crushed by the asphalt.  The guards from the roof kept firing on the vehicle but it soon moved out of the range of their weapons.

[Isaac and the MRD have left this thread]
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Christopher Knowles
Christopher Knowles


PostSubject: Re: beauty is scars deep (R)   Sat May 02, 2015 7:36 pm

Chris glared at Jake, wanting nothing more than to punch him hard in the mouth for saying what he did. The kid had no way of knowing what they'd gone through under the MRD's "care" and he didn't appreciate him acting as if Chris was the bad guy in the equation. In fact, the young man was more shocked than anything about what had happened and, after getting into the car, stared out the window beside him blankly into the distance. He had a lot to mull through with his brother turning out to be a mutant, his girlfriend and child nearly being killed, and his own torture at the hands of the MRD.

The mutant didn't feel that anywhere would be safe for them with MRD having detained them like they had. It was so easy, despite Seth's helping them to do it, to track him down and then use Arabella as leverage. One thing was for sure in Chris' mind and that was how he would personally see to it that the facility was brought to the ground and Isaac Petkov lay dead at his feet for the things he'd done to the people he cared about most.
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PostSubject: Re: beauty is scars deep (R)   

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beauty is scars deep (R)
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