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Mutants are not the ones mankind should fear. - Dr. Jean Gray
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Current plot
Many years ago Xavier's school for gifted mutants was attacked. It was left in ruin. Teachers and students abandoned it with no hope of returning to it for sanctuary...

Years later a professor named Jason Andrews returned life to the school's halls and rebuilt its walls. Students have once again come to learn at the school in safety.

Many other mutants aren't quite so lucky. Some still remain hidden in the shadows and some within factions like the brotherhood are left leaderless.
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Loika Faelith


 Occasionally Trust a ho (NC-17)

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Violetta Monroe
Violetta Monroe

Occasionally  Trust a ho (NC-17) Empty
PostSubject: Occasionally Trust a ho (NC-17)   Occasionally  Trust a ho (NC-17) Icon_minitimeTue Jul 28, 2015 12:40 am

Violetta grinned like the Cheshire Cat as she exited out the back door of one of New Yorks most notorious clubs in the infamous red light district. She wasn't exactly proud of herself for turning to the club scene to make a quick buck but stripping was better than prostitution right? She was dressed in a faux-leather bustier and black miniskirt, her lips were their typical shade of blood red. Her midriff was exposed, revealing her skin clinging to her ribs, she had money but she had more important things to buy than food.

She knew about the mutant snatchers being out in full force and you would think since her run in with the sun-glasses cutie and that little piece of shit speedster she would try to find a safe house of some sort, but thats not how Violetta worked she was a vampire, the night was her time to be alive and the MRD goons surely wouldn't be out in this part of New York, besides she had nowhere else to go but rock bottom.

 She pulled her pay as you go phone out of her breasts (far more convenient then a purse) and checked her messages, fuck, her deal had been moved and now she had to go out of her way to get her fix. She rolled her eyes in annoyance and started down the busy neon lit streets in her six inch stilettos. She just needed a fix and everything would be better.
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Jean-Paul Beaubier
Jean-Paul Beaubier

Occasionally  Trust a ho (NC-17) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Occasionally Trust a ho (NC-17)   Occasionally  Trust a ho (NC-17) Icon_minitimeSun Aug 02, 2015 11:19 pm

Well the whole great adventure to the United States had turned into a shit show. The mansion had come under attack and all the other students had abandoned him to run off to some other place. Now here he was running from the MRD and trying to find a place to crash. He was in the red light district trying to find some cheap place to crash for the night or someones purse to snatch but it seemed everyone was keeping their valueables under lock and key. 

He turned a corner and walked past a woman in six inch heels and he stopped and turned. "You are Violetta non?" he asked in a Quebecois accent as he turned to look at the woman he thought he knew.
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Violetta Monroe
Violetta Monroe

Occasionally  Trust a ho (NC-17) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Occasionally Trust a ho (NC-17)   Occasionally  Trust a ho (NC-17) Icon_minitimeMon Aug 03, 2015 1:16 am

Violetta was a woman a mission. When it came to her drugs she was like a machine, she wouldn't stop for anything when it came to meeting with her dealer, typically she'd slip off her stilettos and run to the next street corner in a flash but the mutant snatchers were preventing her from taking the easy way out..... The easy way was always the best way.

When the red head heard the thick accent calling her name she immediately recognized it was the kittle shit who stole her bracelet!  Part of her just wanted to keep walking, she didn't have friends nor did she need them, her best friend was herself but something made Violetta actually want to listen to the fellow speedster, he was far more skilled then she was when it came to their powers (She would never admit it though). She turned toward the young male and had her arms crossed over her chest, she hated having to wait to get her fix but this wouldn't take too long. "Yeah. Unless you're a cop but if you're a John, then I'm Vixen... And it's 10 to see, 20 to touch and 500 to go all the way." She said her typical sales pitch with a grin, she remembered the kid perfectly but she couldn't help but toy with him.
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Occasionally  Trust a ho (NC-17) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Occasionally Trust a ho (NC-17)   Occasionally  Trust a ho (NC-17) Icon_minitime

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Occasionally Trust a ho (NC-17)
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