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World of Mutants

Mutants are not the ones mankind should fear. - Dr. Jean Gray
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Current plot
Many years ago Xavier's school for gifted mutants was attacked. It was left in ruin. Teachers and students abandoned it with no hope of returning to it for sanctuary...

Years later a professor named Jason Andrews returned life to the school's halls and rebuilt its walls. Students have once again come to learn at the school in safety.

Many other mutants aren't quite so lucky. Some still remain hidden in the shadows and some within factions like the brotherhood are left leaderless.
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Language 2: Swearing is generally permitted. However, the language cannot be used to severely abuse.
Sexual Content 2: Sexual content is permitted. References and writing about genitalia and sex acts are permitted, but explicit detail is not. Fade to black, or mature tagging are recommended.
Violence 2: Graphic violence is permitted. Explicit description or in-game narration violence is allowed.

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X-Men World of Mutants by Jason Andrews is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


Loika Faelith


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PostSubject: Magica Academy-Affiliate   Magica Academy-Affiliate Icon_minitimeSat Jan 12, 2013 11:44 pm

Site Name: Magica Academy
Type of Site: Roleplay
Link: www . magicaacademy . forumotion . com
Have You Posted Our Button on Your Site?: Yes :D
Static or Scrolling: Scrolling
Button: Magica Academy-Affiliate Aomaff10
Brief Description: Members can enroll and become a student, a professor, a shadow, and more, as they discover new things throughout the academy.

Note: It won't allow guests to post external links or emails, just in case no admin knew :D
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Jason Andrews
Jason Andrews


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PostSubject: Re: Magica Academy-Affiliate   Magica Academy-Affiliate Icon_minitimeSat Jan 12, 2013 11:54 pm

Put spaces in between your dots. For example. www . sitename . com or you can also put parenthesis around them. www[.]sitename[.]com

I will try to work out the issue.
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Magica Academy-Affiliate
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