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Mutants are not the ones mankind should fear. - Dr. Jean Gray
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Current plot
Many years ago Xavier's school for gifted mutants was attacked. It was left in ruin. Teachers and students abandoned it with no hope of returning to it for sanctuary...

Years later a professor named Jason Andrews returned life to the school's halls and rebuilt its walls. Students have once again come to learn at the school in safety.

Many other mutants aren't quite so lucky. Some still remain hidden in the shadows and some within factions like the brotherhood are left leaderless.
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Loika Faelith

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 Dragon Ball Shintai

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PostSubject: Dragon Ball Shintai   Tue Apr 30, 2013 2:44 pm

Long ago, there came into existence a band of tyrants, known as the Cold Family. Led by the devastatingly evil King Cold, this family went on to form what is now known as the Planet Trade Organization, a name that should be taken quite literally. World's are invaded, purged, and then sold, sometimes all in one night. The only ones exempt from this are those that prove useful, by either providing resources, being a source of buyers, or by being the homeworld of loyal servants to the Cold Family's cause. The PTO is divided amongst the three heads of the family: King Cold, his elder son Cooler, and his youngest Frieza.

Approximately three decades ago, Frieza stumbled upon a world full of warriors, known as Planet Vegeta, home of the saiyan race. They were subjugated like so many others, but due to the nature of just how powerful the average saiyan was in comparison to the universe at large, they proved useful as part of Frieza's personal forces. He had them sent on many missions, and much to the the chagrin of the then King Vegeta, set himself up as the new ruler of the planet. However, the saiyans filled Frieza with fear. Their great ape forms alone increased their power by ten times, and there was a legend of the Super Saiyan, a form that supposedly outclassed even the great ape. If the legend held true, then the saiyans were a threat to Frieza's position of power - and he would not allow such a thing. When news reached him of a lower class warrior whose strength had skyrocketed over the previous year from a few thousand to ten thousand, Frieza believed his fears confirmed, and raced to destroy the entire saiyan homeworld, his minions destroying anyone that was offworld at the time, save for three - the prince, his mentor, and ironically the son of the lower class warrior that opposed him during the final moments of planet Vegeta.

Or so he believed.

In truth, not only did the young child known as Kakarrot, who went on to become the brave hero Goku also survive, but there were others as well. A father and his son who rivalled the strength of the king, another lower class warrior who could be seen as a dark mirror to Kakarrot, and in fact, an entire colony.

To elaborate, King Vegeta was no simple minded fool who simply allowed Frieza to rule over his world. He recognised the threat, and the fear that Frieza perceived in the saiyan, and came to realise that sooner or later, the warlord would destroy them all. So instead of simply letting this come to pass, King Vegeta had a ship built in secret, and picked 200 of his finest men and women, along with approximately a dozen medics to monitor them, and when Frieza's observation devices were tempoarily blind in one part of the system, had the ship launched into deep space, to claim a world for the saiyan race, and survive there. The king himself could not go, as his absence would have alerted Frieza to something being amiss, and thus stayed. That ship travelled for several months, but was beginning to run out of fuel, and thus had to land on a world far from suitable to sustain their race, but it would have to do. Upon landing, the soldiers came to realise that even as few as they were in number, they simply could not wait the twenty five or so years it would take for the planet to reach the part of its orbit around the local star that would allow the melting of the polar ice caps, and thus a viable source of water. Instead, they gathered what little sources of food there were together, ordered it so it would survive the twenty five years, and then buried themselves in the polar ice caps, entering a sort of cryo-stasis, the medics ensuring they didn't die in the process. Those medics eventually had children, who they often sent on recon across the planet, or sometimes even into space, using the short amount of fuel remaining on small, one man space pods.

On the other side of the quadrant, the tale of Goku - formerly Kakarrot - was unfolding. Raised by his master and adoptive grandfather Gohan, the boy was a martial arts prodigy, besting many a foe with skills not of the world he had landed on - a small, insignificant little ball called Earth. After a few decades of fighting evil doers and fighting in martial art tournaments, Goku learned of his origins from his brother Raditz, who had come to the world solely for the sake of finding his brother, and to have Goku join him in the PTO. Goku however would have none of it, and alongside his former enemy Piccolo, defeated Raditz - though at the cost of Goku's life. Thankfully, this was not too big a worry, thanks to the wish granting dragonballs, something which Piccolo told Raditz about in the alien's final moments, only to realise to his horror that he had also informed the saiyans Vegeta and Nappa about them, and that those two were more powerful than Raditz.

Thus a year of preparation began for a band of warriors, unofficially united as the 'Z fighters', who deemed it unto themselves as their job to protect the planet. Goku meanwhile was training in the afterlife, under the ruler of the Galaxy's north quadrant - King Kai. This training allowed him to eventually best the saiyan Nappa upon his return to Earth, however even with it and the power boosting effects of the Kaioken, and the planet's power in the form of the spirit bomb, it proved not enough to defeat the saiyan prince Vegeta. It took teamwork, courage, and having a giant monkey falling on him to finally force Vegeta to retreat, but even then peace was short lived. As a result of the battle, the planet Namek became targetted due to the realisation that if a Namekian on Earth created the dragonballs, then there should be some on the Namekian homeworld as well. This assumption was followed up on by Vegeta, the Z fighters, and Frieza himself, who all fought for the mystical items with incredible strength. However, it appeared evil would triumph, as Frieza bested all who came before him.

Thus Goku arrived to save the day once more, and after suffering the loss of his friend Krillin, and the threat of losing his son also, the power of the super saiyan was unleashed. This power allowed Goku to defeat Frieza, but their battle had upset the planet they fought on, and Planet Namek was doomed to destruction. Desperate to survive, Goku attempted to use Frieza's ship, only to find that it would not respond, dooming him...

Or at least, thats how it went in one universe. Here however, something different occured. Goku succeeded in activating the ship, but not its propulsion systems - instead, a wormhole system. This allowed the ship to warp immediately to the world Goku designated - Earth. However, Namek exploded just as the wormhole was about to close, causing something odd to happen.
The explosion shook the very foundations of the universe, spreading throughout all of space thanks to the wormhole's ability to link anywhere and everywhere. This caused the universe to have a 'hiccup', with many of the strongest beings suddenly finding their energy stolen, and distributed elsewhere. For example, Goku's incredible energy was spread onto many worlds, particularly those enslaved by the Cold Family. The denizens, having found new strength from seemingly nowhere, proceeded to rebel against the Cold Family, plunging the Galaxy into a civil war, whilst those on Earth were blissfully unaware.

This same phenomena also lead to an increase of power in the saiyan race that had entombed themselves on New Vegeta, just in time too, as the years of waiting are over, and the polar ice caps have begun to melt. This means that water will flow on the planet, and things that have layed hibernating for fifty odd years will come out, though not all will be friendly.

Likewise, on the recently created New Namek, the namekians have had an increase in strength also, prompting Grand Elder Moori to assign several warriors the task of guarding the dragonballs in separate locations, and to bring them together quickly in case of crisis - made possible by his link to them all now as Grand Elder. Only he and the child Dende know the password to using the balls anyway, and as such as long they're unwilling to cooperate, evil shouldn't be able to use them at all.

The universe is changing, and many planet's and species will soon find themselves far more involved in it then they originally believed to be.
Some will use this opportunity for power.
Others for glory.
How about you?
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Dragon Ball Shintai
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